Use The Right Exhibition Stand Graphics To Improve Your Clients' Perception

26th April 2010

Picking high quality exhibition stand graphics is a very important

aspect of a trade show or convention. When you go to pick your banners

out, you will need to settle on a design that allows you to manipulate

how your clients perceive you. This can be very difficult to do,

especially when your competition will be striving to do the same thing.

However, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that you

pick the best design for your company. The most important thing to keep

in mind is that your clients will base their first impressions of your

business based off of the graphics that you select.

The first step in picking exhibition stand graphics is to decide what

type of mood that you want to establish. When you participate in a trade

show or exhibition, you have the ability to control how your company is

perceived. Because you have full control over your stand, you can

decide what mood you want to set. Graphics are an integral part of

setting the mood for your clients. It is possible, for example, to

lighten the mood through use of bright colours. For those trying to

maintain a professional appearance, dark, elegant colours should be

selected. No matter what colour scheme you use, the images must match

them.  Cartoon images, for example, are typically not used with

companies that are targeting professional business men and women.

However, this may vary depending on the type of business that you are

operating. You will have to make your decision based off of what is best

for your company.

Because your exhibition stand graphics will be an integral part of your

presentation at a trade show or convention, you should make efforts to

ensure that you pick high quality graphics. Graphics that look like they

were drawn or constructed by an amateur will make your business look

unprofessional. However, if your business operates through fun and

games, this style of image can actually benefit your company.  Because

of this, you will need to carefully determine the mood that you want to

set. Once you have picked that mood, every detail of your exhibit should

be selected to reach that mood. This also includes the behaviour of the

staff that is working at the booth during the show. How your employees

behave can dramatically alter and manipulate the mood of potential

clients. If you have an exhibit that is focused on having fun, be it

through attractions or use of bright colours, if your employees are not

promoting the idea of having fun, your efforts will be wasted.

Once you have selected your exhibition stand graphics and have had them

transformed into creative materials, it is important that you take care

of them. Many graphics are designed to be reused. Banners, panels, and

images can be used in future presentations. Once you have decided on a

design, you will want to keep a digital and hard copy of the design for

future reference. Should your advertising materials be damaged, this

will allow you to quickly replace what is no longer usable.