16th April 2010

Using An Expand Banner Stand Can Save You Money From Your Advertising Budget

There are a great many advantages to expand banner stands that a canny business leader will appreciate.

There are a great many advantages to expand banner stands that a canny business leader will appreciate. In a term of financial instability in which a company cannot afford to sacrifice capital lightly, even on advertising, these banner stands can provide a more affordable alternative to expensive forms of advertising.

Of course the consumer coverage provided by television, for example, is vast. But on the other hand, how many of those very same customers 'tune out' mentally when a commercial comes on. Of course, a well designed commercial can combat this tendency, but even an extremely successful commercial comes at an exorbitant cost. If your business is national and vast, that cost is acceptable – if your business is more localized, you might well search for alternatives that will work as well at the local level at a fraction of the price.

Expand banner stands are one of these cheaper alternatives. They can be used to blanket a city with your brand image, to put your company name and logo on every street corner. Of course you are going to have to resort to a logical strategy when you do this, but it is not really all that difficult to formulate such a strategy. The first thing that you need to do is to form small teams of sales people – the general makeup of such a team would be a dedicated team leader who provides the motivation, dedication and leadership to the team, as well as overseeing their efforts through the day.

Your expand banner stands will be the rallying points for the teams, but your team leaders personify team spirit. Then you need at least two talented sales persons who will actually 'push' the company image, and you can have two extra employees, perhaps part time, to ensure that the core members of the team are not overworked. As I said before, this team rallies around a banner, which forms the focal point of their efforts. It is not that hard to see the effect of placing such teams at strategic points around the city – the result will be visibility, and your brand name will become a household word.

This is the way it works. Passers by are attracted by your professionally designed expand banner stands. The auxiliary team members approach them with promotional material. If any person shows a definite interest, they are handed over to the sales people, who try to convince them to do business with you. Your team leader watches over everything and keeps the team focused, as well as handling those potential customers who seem the most serious. Of course, your teams need to be equipped not just with banner stands, but also with promotional literature and with branded items that you can hand out to people.

You do not need to cover the whole city with these teams – you must remember that expand banner stands are easy to set up, dismantle and to move, which means that your team can cover one street this week, and another street another week – or even two or three streets in a day, if you spend some time researching the density of pedestrian traffic and focus on those areas of the highest density.