Using Event Insurance Services Will Save You Time Finding The Right Policy

12th May 2010

Event insurance services are usually provided by insurance

companies. They can have a wide specialization that includes all sorts

of insurances, or their services can be limited to the variations of

even public liability insurance. In any case, it is highly recommended

to contact at least a few companies in order to have an idea abut the

general terms, conditions and prices on the market.

Event insurance is needed in case you are going to arrange a special

event in order to advertise your company or celebrate its jubilee.

Special events include shows, fairs, concerts, dances, parties,

picnics, festivals, sporting events, meetings, exhibitions,

presentations and so on.

Event insurance services are needed for protection against a possible

lawsuit in case a person gets injured due to an accident in your place

of business. A lawsuit is the last thing a business owner wants for his

or her company, and if you cannot prevent an accident, it is possible

to prevent the consequences of it. In most cases the reaction of an

injured person would be to call their lawyer: this is a reality of the

contemporary world of business. You are legally liable for all sorts of

damages that take place in your place of business during the event, and

it means that you will have to pay medical expenses of the third party.

Using the event insurance services, you will have coverage not only for

these medical bills, but also for the legal fees if you are obliged to

visit a court.

It is important to keep on mind that different insurance companies

offer different insurance services. For example, you can be offered the

help of a specialist in going through a list of questions in order to

determine the minimal and maximal amount you will need. These questions

include the information about the type of business you are running, the

sort of event yo are going to throw, the number of invited guests,

approximate number of all the attendees, your staff members' working

experience and so on.

Some event insurance services are offered online, so you have an

opportunity to calculate the approximate amount yourself. Also, it is

recommended to explore the opportunity of the insurance companies

online: most of them have websites where you can find out about their

terms, prices, range of services and experience in this particular


Insurance services of this sort usually include providing coverage for

the exhibitors, exhibited goods, all the attendees, employees, hired

personnel, a building where the event takes place and so on. If it is a

trade show, the cost of the insurance might depend on the nature of the

exhibited products. Of course, if you display books, or carpets, or

soft toys, the probability of an accident is lower, that is why the

premium cost will be lower as well.

Event insurance services will cost more in case your exhibited goods

might be potentially dangerous (knives, guns, explosives, saws, hammers

and even something as innocent as scented candles). That is why

consider all the probabilities and get exactly what you count on.