11th November 2009

Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing For All Venues

Virtual terminal credit card processing is actually done in an online environment, using software that is supplied by the processing company.

Virtual terminal credit card processing is actually done in an

online environment, using software that is supplied by the processing

company. While this is an option for accepting payment cards that

business owners love and take full advantage of, it doesn't always work

for all venues. For example, if you will be participating in

expositions, fairs, seminars, or other types of events where you will

be making sales, unless you have a laptop, and the processing company

allows you to operate outside of your usual IP address, you will not

have any way to collect credit card payments.

The companies that

process credit cards for you, through their virtual system, have many

security features in place to protect you and your customers. When your

customer makes a purchase, it generally doesn't matter where they are

located when you have virtual terminal credit card processing in place.

However, when you need to enter the payment card number yourself, such

as when you take a telephone order, the processing company checks your

login information and your IP number to make sure that it is actually

you doing this. If the information that they see - such as the IP

address - isn't correct, the card cannot be processed.


many business owners are not fully aware of these security measures,

and they carry their laptops for credit card processing to these types

of events, only to find that they cannot accept card payments until

they return to their normal place of business - where their IP address

is. This is a huge issue, that costs many business owners a great deal

of money in lost sales - and there is little or nothing that can be

done about it. You need virtual terminal credit card processing with a

mobile device that is designed for these types of events.


these devices are not overly expensive, there are lease options that

make them more affordable if they will just be used for one event. You

can even use these devices at your place of business, or at other

venues in place of the system that you currently use for collecting

credit card information. Even if this is your intent, you still have

the option of purchasing the device, or leasing the device with a short

term or long term lease.

Whether you lease or purchase a device

for Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing, you should have twenty

four hour technical support available to you, and your device should be

previously set up for your use, before it is shipped to you. Don't make

the mistake of thinking that these devices are only suitable for point

of sale transactions, as they can also be set up to accept credit card

online, with the help of a qualified sales team and top notch technical

support, you can easily get set up for this. A good company that sales

or leases these devices will also offer processing services as well,

which may be required as your current processing service may not allow

for the use of anything other than their software.