04th March 2010

Wedding Chair Cover Hire Is Affordable and Convenient

Wedding chair cover hire is the most affordable and convenient option to take advantage of for decorating your event.

Wedding chair cover hire is the most affordable and convenient option to take advantage of for decorating your event. The prices do range slightly from one company to another, but the price will still be at least several times cheaper than purchasing them. Nonetheless, make sure to shop around to find the best prices for the highest quality products.

It’s important to learn about the materials used in the covers that you are looking to rent. Some companies place more emphasis on the durability of the fabric rather than its visual appeal. These items will typically cost less, but they may fail to create a special solemn atmosphere at the wedding. The items made of more expensive and attractive fabrics will obviously cost more, but hey, it’s a once in a lifetime event, so it makes sense to decorate it accordingly.

Also make sure to check the availability of the items that you are interested in renting. The fact is that the most popular colours will typically have a waiting period, as they may be used by other customers first. The colours to be aware of include ivory, white, and black. So do make sure to contact the wedding chair cover hire company and ask them if there’s any waiting period with the items of your liking.

Also remember that once you place your order and get an invoice, no returns may be accepted by the company. It’s a common policy that all orders are final and cannot be cancelled or even altered. Make sure you check everything out prior to placing your order.

What number of covers will you need? It’s advised to leave room for something unforeseen, and have several items as a backup. The number can be counted depending upon the RSVP. The experts recommend waiting until around two weeks before the wedding, to determine the final count, as the number of guests will fluctuate until then. It’s advised to get your products at least one week before the event, to avoid any bloopers.

Chair covers aren’t the only item that you can hire. You can get other matching textiles from the same wedding chair cover hire company, which will help to avoid hassle and save money with any available discounts. Together with the covers, you can also rent matching or contrasting sashes, tablecloths, table skirts, and napkins. Note that some covers will come with the sashes included in their price, while others will not.

It’s also important to learn about the shipping process (timing, carrier, terms) employed by the particular provider. Some companies serve all areas, while others serve only certain locations. You also need to find out whether the shipping charges are included in the price or if they will be added to your bill. You need to learn about the return process, as you will have to return the items that were shipped to you. The typical process is to call the same shipping company and get them to pick them up and ship the products back, using the return labels provided by the wedding chair cover hire company.