08th January 2010

Wedding Insurance – Protect Your Day

The sanctity of marriage is very sacred.

The sanctity of marriage is very sacred. There are so many details to go over and so much that can go wrong. One thing that may help alleviate some of those worries is wedding insurance. Many people have invested time and money into this special day and there are no guarantees. Planning for something that may or may not happen can save the day and allow everyone to enjoy their time rather than worrying about potential problems.

A bride and a groom begin their lives together after this day and the worst way to start something is with a handful of problems. Protecting themselves with the appropriate coverage can give them both a peace of mind in case any unforeseen event arises. Not to worry, the parents of the bride and/or groom can also receive the appropriate wedding insurance. Both sets of parents wish nothing but the best for their children and their investment in this ceremony shows their deep concern for their children’s contentment. Being covered in case an accident occurs will help them sleep better knowing they are covered properly.

The two types of coverage that are common for this type of ceremony are event cancellation/postponement coverage and liability coverage. The cancellation coverage will protect the financial investment of the ceremony if a circumstance arises where the ceremony cannot take place. Be sure to review your policy as there may be some exemptions to this.

The liability wedding insurance coverage will protect the responsible party from any financial liability that may arise from the ceremony. This type of coverage is required by many venues and the premium for this will vary depending on among other things the location.

The earlier that coverage is purchased the better it will work as the cancellation coverage should protect the ceremony from the beginning planning period up until the nuptials are finalised. Some situations that may cause a postponement are severe weather, traffic accidents, sickness, or death. Financially it can hurt the ceremony if caterer does not show up, the photographer does not show up or loses the photographs, damage to any rental property for the ceremony, and there are many more things which will be dependant on your wedding insurance provider.

Maybe the most important coverage is the liability coverage. There are many reasons for needing this coverage including:

● Your venue may require it
● You wish to have coverage for any bodily harm or death
● You wish to have coverage for any property damage accrued
● You wish to be covered for any alcohol related accidents

Worried about any of these things?  Have questions that you do not have answers to?  Look into it and see if your provider offers the coverage you need. If they do not offer the coverage you can shop around and find the policy that is right for you and your family. As you can see there is protection out there for your special day and it is called wedding insurance. Many people are unaware of this but for those in the know it could change their entire lives forever.