What Are the Terms of Exhibition Furniture Hire?

2nd December 2009

If you are considering an exhibition furniture hire for the

furnishings required for your event, there are many things to consider,

especially concerning the terms of the lease. Too often, business owners do not

fully read the terms of the lease, and they end up spending more money than

they initially thought that they would. Here are some things to consider.

What is the lease term? How long are you allowed to use the

leased furnishings? Make sure that you and the lease company are both very

clear on this issue, as it can end up costing you more money if the leased

furnishings are not returned on time.

Will the exhibition furniture hire be delivered or must you

pick it up yourself? While some companies do deliver, others do not. You don’t

want your event start time to be nearing, and still be waiting on a delivery,

only to suddenly learn that the furnishings were supposed to be picked up – by

you. If you fail to pick up the furniture on time – or to return it on time,

you could forfeit your deposit.

What is the cost? There is more than just the cost of

leasing per piece or group. There are also taxes, fees, and deposits to

consider. Is there a delivery fee? What about late fees? Make sure that you are

getting the full picture concerning the cost of leasing the furniture before

you sign or agree to anything.

What are the terms regarding the return of the exhibition

furniture hire? Just as you needed to know whether the furniture would be

delivered or picked up, you need to know whether the furniture will be picked

up by the lease company after your event, or if you are responsible for

returning the furnishings yourself. It is also important to be very aware of

the time that the furniture is due back, and late fees that may occur, or the

forfeit of a deposit, in the event that you miss that deadline.

What are the other terms of the lease agreement? Each lease

company has their own rules and regulations for leasing furniture. You need to

be aware of these rules and regulations. For example, will you be charged for

any damage that most would consider normal ‘wear and tear’ on the furniture? If

you will be charged, how much is it going to cost you? What are your rights,

and what are the rights of the lease company? Read the lease completely – word

for word – before signing it.


many businesses and events, an exhibition furniture hire is the best choice. It

is the easiest thing to do, and in most cases the least expensive way to

acquire the furnishings that you need on a temporary basis. However, you need

to make sure, through the terms of the lease that you are actually getting a

good deal. Again, do not sign a lease for anything until you’ve read the terms

of the lease completely, and had anything that you did not understand, or were

not sure of, fully explained to you.