What Do You Really Need For Video Projector Hire?

10th December 2009

When you realize that you need a video projector hire,

whether it is for a conference, a training session, a seminar or for any other

reason, there are many things that you may overlook. It is more than just a

question of renting the video projector. There is other equipment and services

that may be needed as well. Let’s take a look at what may be required.

  • You

    may need special services. Depending on the size and scope of your

    presentation, as well as the size of the venue where you will give your

    video presentation, you may need special services, such as a sound

    technician and a lighting technician. If you are videoing the event, you

    may also need a video technician on your team. Consider the options carefully,

    and check with the rental company to find out what services they provide

    as well.

  • You

    may need special staging for the video projector hire. This goes beyond a

    simple stand for the projector. You may need staging for your event so

    that all audience members or participants can clearly see the images.

    Consider the venue carefully, and make sure that you visit the venue in

    person well in advance of the event to see if any additional staging is

    necessary. Remember that staging may be necessary for the screen or

    monitor as well.

  • Special

    lighting may be required. This is very important, and may require the

    services of a lighting specialist. Video is usually best viewed in

    darkened rooms, but depending on your event and the venue, this may not be

    possible. This may mean that you need special viewing screens or monitors,

    or that special lighting is required.

  • You

    may require additional sound for the video projector hire. This is

    especially important if the venue is very large, or if you expect it to be

    very noisy. A sound technician may be needed in this case, to ensure that

    everybody can clearly hear the audio portion of your presentation. Often,

    if they cannot clearly hear the audio portion, the video portion makes no

    difference at all. You need to test out your video presentation in the

    venue ahead of time to be sure that everyone can clearly hear.

  • You

    Need Video. Naturally, if you are putting on a video presentation, you

    need video. Furthermore, the video must work with the projector, but

    usually it is the other way around – you rent equipment that works with

    your existing video format. Realize that different projectors require

    different types of video, and make sure that you rent the equipment that

    works with the video that you have.

A video projector hire doesn’t have to be complicated or

expensive. It really is just a question of slowing down to fully consider how

the equipment will be used, the venue it will be used in, and what you hope to

achieve with your video presentation. You also need to find out what already

exists in the venue, or what is available at the venue in order to save more

money so that you do need to get those items through audio visual hire.