What exactly is are Poseur Tables and How Can You Make Good Use of Them?

3rd December 2009

When you

start looking at the options available for display tables for events that you

will be attending for your business, such as trade shows, expositions, and

seminars, you may hear about poseur tables. Many people have no clue what this

is, or how to use it at an event that is designed to promote your business or

your products.

This type

of table is used to show off an item in most cases. Unlike display tables, this

type is typically used to display just one item. The table itself should be

designed in a way that brings attention to that item very quickly, but

unfortunately, some of them are so unique, or so beautiful, that the item

actually gets lost on the table. 

There are many

options available when you start looking into the possibility of purchasing or

leasing poseur tables. This is very important, because it allows you to select

the right one to display your item, ensuring that the table itself doesn’t get

all of the attention.

Many of

these items also have lighting available for them. The lighting is generally

attached to the table itself, and may shine upwards from the bottom, through a

glass top. Some of the options, however, will not include any lighting at all.

Some of them can have a very old fashioned look, while others look very high

tech – and of course, you can usually find numerous options in between old

fashioned and high tech.

You can

also select poseur tables made from a variety of colours and materials. Obviously,

for display purposes, you definitely need to select the one made of colours and

materials that compliment the item or piece that you want to display. It is

important to realize that these are rather small tables, and therefore, you

must make sure that you get a piece that can support your items weight and

size. Note that while many of these items are not very sturdy, only allowing

for lighter pieces, some are actually quite sturdy, and can support heavier



thing that you need to be aware of concerning poseur tables is that while most

of them have round tops, not all have perfectly flat tops. Some are somewhat

domed on the top, while others can actually have tops that form bowls – others

are, of course, flat on the top.

They are fabulous

for display, but again, you only want to place one item on the tables for display,

and ensure that the item that you select truly shows off the piece – instead of

the piece showing off the table. Perhaps for plainer pieces, you will want a

fancier table – and for fancier pieces, choose a plainer table. This way, the

piece or item that you want displayed will be certain to get your potential

customers focus first and foremost.

Again, poseur tables can be leased or purchased. The

cost of this furniture piece will vary from one to the next, and typically, the more

detailed the piece is, the more it will cost whether you are leasing or