01st March 2010

What is a Public Liability Insurance for Events

There are many different events that require public liability insurance.

There are many different events that require public liability insurance. In order to understand what type of events need this coverage you have to understand what the insurance itself. First, public liability insurance for events protects you or your business from a claim from a patron of your business, (or event). This means if they have a medical accident or sue you for some type of damage it is all covered and you are protected.

So what type of events might require this type of policy? Well that all depends on the size of the venue, the price that you had to pay for the venue, and the amount of people who intend on attending the event.  Basically it is for an event that you feel you might need to be protected. For example, if it is a small birthday party for your child that only has 5 or 10 people you may not really need insurance. However, if it is a huge wedding with 500 guests you might want some protection.

What kinds of things could happen that would require you to have public liability insurance for events? Well take the wedding example above. You have five hundred guests; things are going to be crowded. This means there could be a lot of potential for accidents. Someone could spill a drink and before it is mopped up someone else could slip on the spill. A glass could be broken and cut someone. On top of these medical accidents what about damages to their things? Most likely everyone will be inside partying so what about their cars outside? What if one is broken into or a tree falls on one? What if a cell phone is stolen out of a purse? You will want all of these things to be covered. You will not want to pay anymore than you have too out of pocket.

On top of all of this some places require you to have some type of public liability insurance for events before you are allowed to throw an event. These types of policies will cover legal fees. On top of the legal fees that they cover they will pay for medical bills, surgeries, ambulances fees, and other fees that could result from an accident. These fees that are covered under your policy could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Public Liability Insurance for events is a must for anyone who is thinking of throwing a lavish event or an event with a lot of guests. While you may think it will just be friends and family there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Money will often make people do things they normally would not and having that extra protection will provide you with peace of mind. This will enable you to enjoy your event and not stress the things that could go wrong, like the slips and falls. So do not be afraid to shop around and find a public liability insurance for events that works for you.