18th February 2010

What is an Exhibition Stand Builder?

So who or even what is an exhibition stand builder?

So who or even what is an exhibition stand builder? Is it some sort of do-it-yourself kit for building exhibition stands? Something that comes with a leaflet inside 'Exhibition stand building made easy.' Not quite. A stand builder is a person, a specialist with vast experience in the construction, design and assembly of exhibition stands. In other words, a stand builder is quite simply, a consultant.

Now every canny businessman knows the value of a good showing at a trade show, exhibition or other trade event. True, all your important customers and would be customers are there – but so are all the competition, as you must surely keep in mind. But do you really need the help of an exhibition stand builder? Certainly. Remember, everyone is vying for a slice of the same pie, which makes each individual slice smaller. Unless one competitor manages to grab a larger slice of the pie than everyone else, in which case, while his share is larger, everyone else's share is proportionally smaller.

Yes, it's unfair, but so is life and so is business. The world of business is harsh, and survival is of the fittest. This means that if anyone is to acquire a larger share of customers at the next exhibition or trade fair, it must be you. Because if it isn't you, your share of customers will be that much less, and this can certainly run into losses in the next fiscal quarter.

So we use the aid of an exhibition stand builder to formulate a three pronged strategy – we attract the customers to our stand. We hold their attention when they are at our stand. And we make sure that when they leave, they leave their business with us.

Which brings us to a stand builder. This person, functioning both as a consultant and as a construction specialist – perhaps head of his or her own construction company, will greatly simplify your task. He or she will take on the burden of all the practical details – not to mention being on hand with advice and tips gleaned from years working with exhibition stands.

But most of all, what your exhibition stand builder will do is take on the burden of the details and leave you to work on strategy. While your stand builder organises construction, you can decide more crucial details, such as the overall look, the concept, the design, the colours and other distinctive features that you will want to be part of your company's stand.

You will decide what facilities to provide to interested customers, and whether to have your company's abilities put forward in the form of a video presentation, in the form of talented speakers extolling your products, or simply in the form of employees handing out attractive brochures and promotional literature.

Then, when you've decided these things, talk to your exhibition stand builder, and have an open chat with him or her. Ask the builder what he or she thinks of your ideas, and be open so that you get his or her honest opinion. Seriously weigh any criticism and input from him or her, or from your staff, though the final decision should remain your own. Make haste slowly, and you will create a stand that truly stands out, once that will repay your investment in the most crucial and important arena of all – in increased sales.