What is Commercial Insurance?

2nd June 2010

A Commercial Insurance is an insurance

which is tailored for business enterprises. It is considered to be one of the

most important and essential investments a business owner can make. This

insurance policy can be helpful in protecting a business company from potential

loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate situations.

Given below are some areas which this

policy covers:

  • Theft
  • Property damage
  • Liability
  • Business interruption
  • Employee injury

These are a few of the common areas of

cover; these policies are flexible and any business owner is free to add or

delete covers depending on his concept of business. A business owner who opts

to operate his business without an insurance policy puts his business at a risk

of losing money and property in the event of any unfortunate incident.

Commercial Insurance is generally offered

by leading insurance companies via reliable agents who specialise on this

subject. Any business company should take time before deciding on buying an

insurance policy. It is best that he interviews a number of agents and select

the most knowledgeable agent who holds a valid licence to handle this job. This

agent should be able to explain to you the different types of policies and

which of those suits you best depending on your type of business and the areas

that should be covered. It is also important that you feel comfortable with

this agent since you need to build a good relationship to discuss and

understand the entire package and also during times of claims, if it ever


There are a great number of sites on the

Internet that deal with Commercial Insurance. These are advantageous as you can

take your time and study the information they provide on relevant policies.

Not all insurance policies will match your

type of business; thus study them all, as some may not be relevant to you. When

you have a good knowledge on all the different types of policies, it will be

useful as you may need them later on as your business grows and expands. With

the expansion of businesses a business owner will always need to change or

revise his insurance policies. Thus taking sometime to study the areas on individual

policies cover will be very valuable at a later date in order to add or change

the existing Commercial Insurance.  

Some businesses may be able to obtain insurance

with ease, but for some others it can be difficult. For instance, a business

that shows losses in the past can be ranked as a high-risk company. During

situations such as these, insurance companies tend to be cautious as these

businesses are considered to have the risk of frequent claims.

Another instance when a business is

considered to be of high risk is when it is fairly new or involved in

operations that are subject of frequent insurance claims. In situations such as

these, obtaining an insurance of the category might not be possible. Thus, it

is up to your agent to provide you with options and suggestions to obtain an

appropriate Commercial Insurance to suit the concept of your business.