17th February 2010

What makes a Custom Exhibition Stand Special?

So what makes a custom exhibition stand special?

So what makes a custom exhibition stand special? With competition as aggressive as it is in the world of business, standing out from the crowd can be intrinsic to your company's survival. And this is not something said lightly. Consider the scene at the average trade fair, for example – dozens of companies competing in every way they can for the same block of customers. Basically what this means is that if one company manages to acquire more than it's share of customers and potential customers, other companies in the field lose out – in terms of new and renewed business contact, in terms of sales and profits. Let’s discuss how a custom exhibition stand can help your company win this equation.

In such arena, your company cannot afford to be the one that loses out, and the only way to ensure this is by outdoing the competition and acquiring most of the customers visiting the show.

How best to go about this is the subject of this article. Now, your strategy at a trade show must be two-pronged. Firstly, you must attract customers to your exhibit – and then, when they get there, your exhibit must hold their attention.

This is not as hard as it sounds. You need to disperse your people among the crowds visiting the exhibit, with instructions to approach likely customers. Your people's job is to direct those customers towards your custom exhibition stand. You can either steer them towards your stand with interesting conversation – make sure you use talented sales people here, not just random employees. These sales people will succeed better if you equip them with attractive brochures and promotional literature, as well as promotional novelty and branded items. Remember though, to instruct them to steer people towards your stall – not just to hand out promotional material and back away.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Once a customer reaches your exhibit, how do you hold his attention? Well, obviously, one of the most obvious ways is through the custom exhibition stand itself. If your stall is just the average stall that a customer has seen a thousand times at these trade events and will see a thousand times again, it is unlikely to hold his attention. So go for something innovative, original and interesting – there are so many companies willing to build a state of the art designer stand for you, created from scratch by a brilliant design team.

Now this is something that will hold peoples' attention – a stand in which everything from the architecture of the stand to the colours and designs and various graphics that decorate it has been carefully and tastefully created. This will be a custom exhibition stand worth looking at, and customers will. Not only that, but the design teams will make sure that the graphics 'stand for' your company – that is, that they choose designs and graphics that will automatically be associated with your company in peoples minds when they look at them. This is true brand building, in which everything from your trade show stand, to the logo of your company to the jingles on television, stand for one thing and one thing only, in the minds of people everywhere – your company.