10th December 2009

What To Consider When You Hire Digital Projector Services

When you hold an event that requires you to hire digital projector services, there are many things that you need to consider.

When you hold an event that requires you to hire digital

projector services, there are many things that you need to consider. Many

people think that they can just call up a company that leases this type of

equipment and that everything will be just fine. That is seldom the case. There

are certain questions that you need to ask before signing that rental


  • What

    is the cost of the equipment rental? Naturally, your business has a

    budget, and your event has a budget. You cannot afford to blow it all on

    equipment rentals. Different projectors will have different prices, and

    while saving money and keeping within your budget is crucial, it is also

    important that you not end up with low quality equipment for your event –

    which brings us to our next point.

  • What

    is the quality of the hire digital projector services? Obviously, you want

    the most for your money, so you need to find out what services are

    included in the price of the rental, but you also need to make sure that

    the equipment is of a higher quality. Nothing could be worse then getting

    ready to start a presentation and having equipment that does not work at

    all, or does not work well, with nothing to back it up.

  • Will

    the equipment be set up for you at your venue? This is a big

    consideration. Lots of digital projectors are very complicated and hard to

    set up properly. If you are not overly technical, you need to have this

    equipment set up for you, and you also need to know how to operate it.

    Make sure that this is included in the price of the rental, and make sure

    that the person who sets up the equipment understands that you need

    operational instruction for the equipment.

  • Does

    the hire digital projector project large enough for your venue and

    audience? Not all projectors project images at the same rate, or in the

    same size. You must consider your audience and your venue, as well as how

    far away the projector has to be from the area where the images will be

    displayed to ensure that you are getting a projector that suits your


  • Is

    technical support available? Hopefully, the projector is of high quality,

    and you’ve been shown how to operate the equipment. However, this doesn’t

    mean that you may not run into problems before or during your

    presentation. You need to be certain that technical support will be

    available via telephone during the time of your presentation.

  • Will

    the hire digital projector equipment be dismantled and picked up by the

    service? In most cases with audio visual hire, you won’t want to be responsible for dismantling

    and returning the equipment. Make sure that the service will send someone

    to do this for you, and that this is included in the cost of the rental.

    Also note that just because the equipment is delivered and set up for you,

    this is not an unspoken indication that it will also be picked up after

    your presentation. Make sure you ask about this.