11th November 2009

What to Look For in a Credit Card Terminal

When you look for a credit card terminal for your business, there are many things to consider.

When you look for a credit card terminal for your business, there

are many things to consider. Unfortunately, we often get caught up in

worrying about the cost of the product, instead of looking at factors

that truly affect you, your business, and your customers. Here are some

things that you really need to consider before making your selection.

  • Can

    I take the terminal with me? Not all terminals are mobile, meaning that

    they can only be set up and used in one place. In today's business

    world, mobility is very important, and regardless of the type of

    business that you have, there may be times when you need to process

    credit cards away from your business place. If you are going to get a

    terminal anyway, get one that works inside and outside of your business


  • Does the credit card terminal have the features that I

    need? Different products have different features, and different

    businesses have different requirements. Talk with sales professionals

    to see what features are available, and make sure that the device that

    you select has those features available.

  • Can I afford it?

    Obviously, whether or not you can afford the device matters a great

    deal. While you shouldn't let price make all of your decisions for you,

    you cannot afford to ignore it altogether. Luckily, there are numerous

    products available, and you can find one that will fit into your

    budget. If purchasing what you need isn't possible, ask about leasing

    the equipment instead.

  • Is the credit card terminal easy to use?

    If you and your employees cannot easily use the device, it isn't going

    to do you any good. Ideally, when you make your purchase, you will be

    given explicit instructions for using the device, and those

    instructions should be easy to understand. Furthermore, you should have

    the ability to contact support services in the event that you have any

    questions -or problems - while using the equipment. Support should be

    available twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Can my

    customers trust it? Due to an alarming increase in identity theft and

    credit card theft, consumers have grown more cautious with their credit

    cards. They want to know that their financial information is safe with

    the businesses that they frequent. Have your sales person tell you how

    you can assure your customers that their information is safe - in a

    language that you both can understand.

There may be other considerations and questions that you need

to ask about the Credit Card Terminal that is specific to your business

and operations. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into a purchase

before all of your questions are answered, and never make a purchase if

you aren't sure that the device or solution that you have chosen is the

right one for your business. A good company, with knowledgeable sales

people, will offer you many different options, and will be able to tell

you about the available products that will work well for your

particular business.