What To Look For In An Event Insurance Company

22nd June 2010

There are many event insurance companies, who have the experience and

knowledge to create products to meet all of your events requirements

and can put you in total control of all of the details of your event, in

a discrete and simple way. In an increasingly competitive market these

days, making an event a real success requires a lot of commitment,

dedication, and hard work and it's always a good idea to try and plan

your event ahead of your competitors.

Most insurance schemes are tailor made especially for you providing the

liability cover that you require. These companies have the skills and

resources to get your event off the ground and can really help you plan

right from the initial planning and risk assessments, through event

promotion and advertising, to actual event management.

• Most event insurance companies make sure the product offers the right

kind of benefits for you and can help you get a bespoke policy at

incredible value. Their cover premiums are usually fixed in price at a

level which is recoverable.

• Your cover may include third party public liability for up to millions

of pounds, your legal liability in respect of compensation and

claimants costs and expenses for accidental injury to anyone you hire

for your event, including volunteers, paid or unpaid temporary staff as

well as helpers. Apart from all that, there are also optional types of

cover, such as property cover or cancellation. Its organiser’s

responsibility, to compare the operating costs against the premiums

required, keeping in mind that if a mishap or even a catastrophe occurs,

the costs of the claim could be devastating if appropriate insurance

has not been taken out.

• Some event insurance companies may even help you set up your system to

deal with the entire process automatically, but may not however offer

the cover, for liabilities as a result of the provision or failure to

provide any advice, information instruction, or professional service

rendered in return for a fee. Always read the terms and conditions

carefully, before signing up a contract with your chosen company.

• Some covers are especially designed for exhibitors and stallholders

whether they are planning to go to a jumble sale, a flea market, a craft

fair or even a flower show.

• Whether you are planning a small family garden party, a club sports

day or the social event of the year, you can get the package tailored to

your exact requirements.  Most companies offer secure online

facilities, so that you can arrange your cover online as and when you

need it. They can provide you an instant quotation and if the policy

cover and price is acceptable for you, you can just buy it on line.

While running an event, the last thing you would want is to end up

making a big payment after a member of the public or a volunteer make a

claim against you in an event of an accident or an incident of some

kind, and that’s when event insurance is so important.