03rd December 2009

What to Look for In Portable Tables

There are many options available for portable tables. Everything from the size to the materials that the tables are made of to the quality of the craftsmanship

There are many options available for portable tables.

Everything from the size to the materials that the tables are made of to the

quality of the craftsmanship, you must use good judgment and common sense

before making a purchase. Here are some specific things to look for.

  • Is

    the table part of a system? Usually, a system is better than a single

    table. This way, when you need more than one table for an exhibition, your

    tables match. Systems are actually more affordable than you may realize,

    and with a system, you will always have the appropriate number and sizes

    that you require, for any event.

  • Are

    the portable tables the appropriate sizes and shapes? There is a wide

    variety to choose from when it comes to shapes and sizes, and you need to

    carefully consider the sizes and shapes that you need before making a

    purchase. Try to purchase tables of different sizes, even if they are all

    the same shape. Often, if the shapes or characteristics are too different,

    they simply look like mismatched tables.

  • Is

    the table well made? Although price is important, quality is usually more

    important. Not all tables will be made well, and when you consider the

    wear and tear that transportation causes, you will always come out better

    if you choose a table that is well made. Of course, top quality tables may

    not be affordable for all business budgets.

  • Are

    the portable tables affordable? There are different prices for different

    tables, and you must select tables that fit into your budget, regardless

    of whether you are leasing or purchasing. If your first choice is not

    affordable, look for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t veer too far away

    from what you originally wanted. This may mean choosing tables that are

    made of different materials or tables that are not as well crafted as your

    first choice – but there are alternatives.

  • Is

    the table easy to transport? Just because a table is deemed as portable,

    this is no indication that it is easy to transport. How much work is

    required to reduce the size of the table for transportation? Can the table

    be disassembled so that it can be transported in a car, or will a truck be


  • Can

    the portable tables be leased or is a purchase required? If you don’t need

    to use these tables very often, you will almost always be better off with

    a lease, instead of a purchase. Another thing to consider is the fact that

    between events, the tables will need to take up valuable storage space.

    Find out if the tables can be leased or if they must be purchased.

If you

consider all of these things when you select portable tables, you can be sure

that you end up with the tables that you require for any event that you may

participate in. You should shop for these tables with the same discerning eye

and consideration that you would use for any other type of furniture purchase.