What to Look for When Selecting Meeting Tables

3rd December 2009

Shopping for meeting tables should not be taken lightly.

These tables are not only used for employee meetings, but are often used for

client meetings as well, and the tables and chairs that your clients use can

actually play a large part in the decisions that they make, even if you do not

realize this. For example, a client who is dreadfully uncomfortably seated will

rush through a meeting, instead of taking his or her time – and the outcome may

not work in your favor. Here are things that you need to consider when

selecting tables for your meeting or meeting room.

  • How

    many people will be seated? These types of tables are available in a wide

    variety of sizes – widths and lengths. You need to determine how many

    people will need to be seated at the table at any given time before making

    a selection. Of course, you should be aware that typically the bigger the

    table is, the more it will cost.

  • How

    much room should your meeting tables have? This does not refer to how many

    people the tables will seat, but instead refers to how much table room

    each seated person has. Some call this ‘elbow room,’ but in this instance,

    you need to consider how much space each person has at the table for

    eating or working during meetings.

  • Do

    the tables need to match specific décor or colors? No matter where your

    tables will be used, there will most likely be existing décor or color

    schemes that the table or tables need to complement. It can take a little

    work to find the right table for the room that it will be used in.

  • Will

    you be purchasing or leasing meeting tables? These tables can be very

    expensive. Typically, the higher the quality is, and the larger the table

    is, the more you should expect it to cost. This makes it unaffordable for

    many smaller businesses, unless they have the option to lease the

    furniture. Ask yourself how often the furnishings will be used, or how

    long you need to keep the furnishings to determine whether you should

    purchase or lease.

  • Are

    the chairs included in the price? You can purchase or lease ensembles that

    include chairs that complement the table, but if you’ve found the perfect

    table, and the chairs are not exactly what you want, you will want to know

    if you have the option to select different chairs, at the same ensemble

    price. A quality table designed for meetings isn’t worth much if you

    cannot be comfortably seated at that table.


choosing the right meeting tables should not be taken lightly. It is a more

important decision than many people realize, as comfort, space, and style of

your furnishings will play into any decisions that your clients make, and may

also play into the level of the work that your employees do as well. With the

information here, you should be able to more easily select the appropriate

table for your meeting space.