14th December 2009

What Type of Dry Wipe Board will Serve You Best?

Most people mistakenly believe that one dry wipe board is the same as any other, but this isn’t true at all.

Most people mistakenly believe that one dry wipe board is the same as any other, but this isn’t true at all. In fact, there are several different materials that these boards can be made of, and it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material before you end up with a board that you don’t want. Here is information regarding the different material choices that are available. 

● A Melamine Board – This type of board is actually a special type of paper that is attached to particle board, or press board. This is the cheapest type of white board that you can get, and also the type that won’t last very long. Like any other type of particle board, if it gets too wet, too often, it falls apart. This is the type that is most commonly available in office supply stores as well. These types of boards also stain very easily, and in most cases, should be avoided. 

● A Metal Dry Wipe Board – Typically made of steel or aluminium, these are usually the types that you would be interested in if you want to be able to use magnets as well. Naturally, these types of boards last for a very long time, however the material used to turn the board white is essentially enamel paint, which can chip after time, and can also stain after a long period of time. These types of boards are also very easy to scratch, but with proper care, they will last a very long time. 

● A Hard Coat Laminate Board – Although more expensive than metal or melamine boards, these are the most preferred types of boards. They don’t stain easily, which is important, and many have a lifetime warranty against scratches and such. These are available as either magnetised or non-magnetised. 

● A Porcelain Dry Wipe Board – This type of board should be avoided because they are extremely expensive, and they stain very easily. The only good thing about this type of board is that they seldom scratch, and they seem to last forever. However, once they become too stained, they are essentially useless. Porcelain also dulls over time, which can make the writing harder to read. 

● A Glass Board – These are also highly preferred boards. Don’t worry about breakage – these things are tough. You can also order glass boards that you can see through, just like a window, or glass boards that have a white surface. They can be magnetised or non-magnetised as well, and most have a lifetime warranty. They are, however, expensive – but usually well worth the expense. Note that while the see through boards have a very chic and sophisticated appearance, the writing on them is often very hard to read. 

As you can see, a dry wipe board can be more complicated than you may have thought at first glance. Take the time to consider the different material options, and then select your board material based on what will work best for your purposes, and your organisation. You’ll be glad that you had a little knowledge about these materials in the end.