What You Need in Terms of Conference Room Furniture

2nd December 2009

When you need to furnish a conference space, there are many

things to consider. Appropriate conference room furniture consists of more than

just a table and chairs. Of course, what you select will be based on your

business and conferencing needs, but let’s take a look at the possibilities for

your businesses conference room.

  • Conference

    table and chairs – This is a given, since a conference room isn’t really a

    conference room without a table and chairs. Tables and chairs are

    available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to suit

    every need. You will want a style that works for your particular business.

    When making your selection, try to picture your clients or employees

    gathered around the table working. Also realize that the rest of the

    furnishing that you choose will be based on this one selection.

  • Equipment

    Furnishings – The conference room furniture that you select may include

    furnishings designed to hold various types of office equipment in a

    tasteful way, such as computers or printers. Not all businesses have this

    need, while many do. The purpose of this type of furnishing is to take

    away the technical feel of the equipment, and to make it feel like it

    actually belongs in the room.

  • Extra

    Seating – Depending on how your conference space will be used, you may

    need additional seating. This seating is typically not the same as the

    chairs that go with the table. Instead, you might want to select wing back

    chairs or something similar to this if elegance is important. This type of

    seating will often negate the sterile feel of the room. Your conference

    venue may not require extra seating, but extra seating can be used to fill

    in empty spots around the room, so that it looks finished.

  • Side

    Tables – Conference room furniture may need to include various side

    tables, such as those used for serving coffee or food. Ideally, these side

    tables will match or compliment the rest of the furniture. You may or may

    not need these tables, but at least one side table is usually recommended

    for conference rooms.

  • Extras

    – Finally, aside from furnishing, you will need accessories that finish

    the room, such as drapes, plants, or artwork that is appropriate. In most

    cases, these items must be purchased outright, but fortunately, they can

    be found at reasonable prices. This may also include things like coffee

    carafes, cups, saucers, water pitchers, and water glasses. While most of

    these items will have to be purchased, some can actually be rented for

    short periods of time.


you can see, there really are many considerations when it comes to conference

room furniture. Obviously, the cost of the furnishing will matter a great deal,

and depending on your budget, you may have to make concessions, but with the option

to lease the furniture, you should be able to get everything that you need to

create a conference room that projects your company’s personality to your

clients and employees.