10th December 2009

What You Need To Know About AV Projector Rentals

If you have never rented equipment, especially AV projector rentals, there are many things that you need to know.

If you have never rented equipment, especially AV projector

rentals, there are many things that you need to know. It is not as simple as

picking up the telephone and making a call in most cases. There are several

things that you need to be aware of so that you not only get equipment, but

also that you get equipment that you need, at a price that doesn’t totally blow

your budget. Here are some key points that you need to give special attention


  • You

    may need to reserve the equipment well in advance. If you will be using

    this equipment for a special event, such as a trade show or exhibition,

    you need to be aware that other companies are also reserving and renting

    equipment as well, and the services that rent this type of equipment do

    usually have limited supplies. Don’t let your event get too close without

    reserving the equipment that you need, and don’t get stuck with just what

    the service has left either.

  • There

    may be additional fees and deposits associated with your AV projector

    rentals. Typically, there will be a deposit for the equipment, but there

    may be other fees as well, such as fees for set up and delivery,

    instructional fees, or even usage fees that extend beyond the actual

    rental fee. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the fees

    are and how they are charged before signing any agreements.

  • Rentals

    are often short term, but long term rentals may also be available. Because

    this type of equipment can be quite expensive, and because technology is

    forever changing very quickly, it may make more sense to rent the

    equipment, even if you need a long term lease. Many companies offer long

    term and short term rentals, but not all do. If you need the equipment for

    a longer period of time, ask about the longest rental term possible to

    find out what your options are.

  • Typically,

    AV projector rentals result in used equipment. Hopefully, the rental

    company has serviced and maintained the equipment properly, but sadly,

    this is not always the case. You should inquire as to the condition of the

    equipment before you rent it.

  • If

    you do not request it, the equipment may not be set up for you. Not all

    rental agreements include delivery and set up. You may be required to pick

    the equipment up yourself, and set it up yourself. This can be a huge

    problem for many people, and you need to know if this is a requirement

    ahead of time.

Finally, there are many different types of AV projector

rentals. Not only are there different types of Audio Visual Hire agreements, there are

also many different types of equipment that is available. Know what you need,

and understand what your choices are before contacting a rental company. If you

are unsure, however, talk to someone at the rental company who is knowledgeable

about presentations and the available equipment so that they can help you to

make the right choice.