What You Need to Know and Understand about Exhibition Furniture Rental

2nd December 2009

Most people think that when they need an exhibition

furniture rental, that it is as easy as visiting a rental store, or picking up

the telephone, or even using the Internet to place the order. Actually, there

is a bit more to it than that – quite a bit more.

The different types and styles of exhibit furnishings

available for rent are one thing to consider. You need to know exactly what it

is that you require, especially if you are placing your order over the

telephone or the Internet. It is helpful if the lease company can provide you

with a brochure or order form that lists the specific pieces that you want,

with product numbers, so that there is no confusion when the order is placed.

The salesperson needs to know exactly which pieces you are requesting.

Delivery of the exhibition furniture rental is another

consideration. Some lease companies do not deliver, while others do. Some that

do deliver charge extra fees for delivery and pickup. This is something that

you need to know in advance, so that you can either make pickup arrangements in

advance, or financial arrangements to pay for delivery. In some cases, you may

have to hire a professional moving company to pickup the furnishings and to

return them after the event, and this means additional costs.

Do you need good credit? Some lease companies will run your

credit, while others will not. All rental companies will require a deposit, and

those deposits are usually based on the total value of the furnishings that you

are renting. This deposit may be required regardless of credit checks – and

regardless of how great your credit may be. With some companies, if you have

exceedingly poor credit, they can and will refuse to lease to you.

Exhibition furniture rental availability is a big issue.

When there is an event such as a trade show or convention, the furniture

leasing companies literally ‘sell out’ fairly fast. As soon as you know that

you will be participating, and have a need to lease furniture, you need to

start calling the lease companies in that area to make arrangements. Deposits

will usually be required early.

The condition of the furnishings is something that you

definitely need to be interested in. Those potential clients and customers

won’t know that the furnishings are leased, and may judge the credibility of

your company on the condition of the furnishings. Make sure that the

furnishings that you receive will be in excellent condition – keeping in mind

that these furnishings are rarely brand new when you lease them.


you can see, acquiring an exhibition furniture rental does require more thought

and attention than most people initially realize, and unfortunately, if you

don’t realize this soon enough, you won’t end up with the furnishings you need,

and in some cases, you won’t end up with any furnishings at all for your event.

These are hard lessons to learn if this is your first event, but again, these

problems can be avoided if you use the information that you’ve found here.