11th November 2009

Why Mobile Terminals Are Better Than Credit Card Imprinters

Often, when a business is taking the show on the road, so to speak, they will use old fashioned credit card imprinters

Often, when a business is taking the show on the road, so to speak,

they will use old fashioned credit card imprinters so that they are

still able to accept credit cards, even though they are not at their

place of business, where their more complex card payment processing

equipment is located. Taking this type of equipment with you on the

road really isn't possible. Instead of one of these old fashioned

devices, however, there are many reasons why a mobile terminal is a

much better choice, no matter where you need to do business.

  • Mobile

    terminals are safer for processing payment card purchases. Mobile

    terminals use the latest in technology to encrypt the information,

    making them a safer choice. When credit card imprinters are used, an

    actual copy of the credit card is made, and this is no longer

    considered safe in the card payment industry or for consumers.

  • Consumers

    prefer more advanced technology. Even if a consumer isn't up to speed

    when it comes to technology, they prefer the use of it over old

    fashioned methods when they are supplying financial data to any

    business. They get this more advanced technology with mobile terminals,

    and they are definitely more willing to use their credit cards when an

    imprint of the card is not being taken.

  • Mobile terminals

    are smaller, and easier to transport. Devices designed for accepting

    plastic cards in any venue are very small and lightweight. On the other

    hand, the big bulky credit card imprinters are actually quite a problem

    when you move them from one location to another.

  • You can

    be sure that your customer's credit cards are good and that they are

    immediately charged for their purchase. You don't get this level of

    service with outdated systems. Mobile terminals give you, your

    business, and your customers the protection of real time transactions.

    Without real time processing, you could make a sale, the customer will

    pay with their credit card, and only after the customer is long gone -

    with your product - will you find that the card was not actually

    accepted for the purchase by the card payment company.

  • Mobile

    terminals can be leased for long periods or short periods. You must

    typically purchase one of those old fashioned devices. While mobile

    terminals can be leased, they can also be purchased, and they are

    surprisingly affordable. You can talk to a salesperson to see what the

    best option for you and your business is, and to determine what works

    best for you from a financial standpoint - lease or purchase.

  • Mobile

    terminals look more professional. Most consumers do not want to do

    business with any company that doesn't look and act in a professional

    manner. When you use outdated systems - no matter what those systems

    are used for - your customers won't see you in the professional light

    that you need them to see you in.

The next time that you have a need to accept credit

cards away from your place of business, consider a mobile terminal,

instead of Credit Card Imprinters. Traveling to and setting up at the

venue will be much simpler, and your customers will be much more

willing to make their purchases using their payment cards.