19th February 2010

Why pop up exhibition stands can be an excellent choice?

Pop up exhibition stands are an excellent choice at an event or a trade show.

Pop up exhibition stands are an excellent choice at an event or a trade show. A wise businessman approaches a trade show with considerable strategy. This is because a trade show stands for more than just an event in the business year of a company. A trade show represents that most sought after commodity in the world of business – the opportunity to increase sales and expand both the business and its customer base.

This is crucial to the survival of any business – because as any person knows, survival, for a business, is defined as growth. A business that does not grow stagnates. Gradually old customers fall by the wayside, transferring their loyalty to more aggressive and dynamic competitors.

Using pop up exhibition stands at customer-winning trade shows can stem this tide. Remember, with a stagnating business comes a period of losses and gradually reducing income until the business fails. Of course the business may not always fail, but it will certainly see more aggressive competition take over its markets unless it's acts to prevent this.

How does a business prevent the take over of its markets and its customers? Why, through educating potential customers about the business, of course – through the mass media, through different forms of advertising, through brand awareness programs, through promotional literature and handing out branded promotional goods.

And of course, by presenting itself in the best possible light at trade shows, using highly effective pop up exhibition stands. This is crucially important, because a trade show is usually attended by many of your present customers, and a great number of potential customers, and you must work to capitalise on this potential.

A pop up stand will catch people's attention, and allow your people to move in and hold that attention long enough to convince a potential customer to commit to your company.

There are a host of options available when it comes to these stands, but you would be well advised to choose a model that doesn't weigh too much, to prevent problems with setting up, assembling and disassembling the unit. Remember, something lightweight can be worked on by one person – but use heavy pop up exhibition stands and you'll have to assign two or three people to the job, which is hardly an efficient use of manpower.

Most of the really solid components of a pop up stand will be made of metal, wood or plastic, or a combination of the three, with designers going for a combination of strength and lightweight construction. The actual display panels will probably be plastic coated fabrics that can hold any design your graphics specialists can come up with, allowing you to extend your creativity and innovation to the full.

Remember that most stands these days come with a lifetime warranty, so there is little chance indeed of your investment being lost. Just be careful of the design of your pop up exhibition stands, choose a good manufacturer, and reap the benefits of good stand at all major corporate events for years to come.