17th December 2009

Why Should You Invest in Custom Built Exhibition Stands?

So why exactly should you invest in custom built exhibition stands? There are a host of reasons, and we will attempt to elaborate on a few of them here.


why exactly should you invest in custom built exhibition stands? There are a

host of reasons, and we will attempt to elaborate on a few of them here.

● First

of all, consider the level of competition on experiences at the average business

exhibition. Every company from your field will be represented, or at least, all

the important ones. And each company will be vying for the attentions of the

same group of potential customers. In such circumstances competition is of

course, intense.

● Customer

attention at an event is crucial. Let us face it, an exhibition or trade show

is an important opportunity to expand one's customer base and to solidify

existing customer loyalty. All these worthy aims can only be achieved if you

prevent the competition from stealing those very customers.

● Remember,

the customer is always looking for a better deal – which means that if you fail

to command attention at an exhibition, not only do you lose out on potential

new customers, but you might find your competition eroding your existing

customer base. As we will explain as we go along, on of the ways to command

attention at an exhibition is through custom built exhibition stands.


any case, to not spark the interest of the public at an exhibition is, of course,

unacceptable. So let us discuss ways to prevent such a potential disaster, and

turn it into a triumph instead. How do we go about doing that? Read on..

● The

first rule of conquest in the world of business could be summed up in three

words: originality, innovation, boldness.

● To

dominate you have to be so original that you stand head and shoulders above the

competition. And the only way you can achieve that is through boldness and


● Let us

apply this rule to a trade show.

● Of

course you will hand out promotional material and create eye-catching banners,

but we need to be a little more dynamic than that.

● Therefore,

our strategy is simple – we must concentrate on our exhibit itself, and create

such incredibly original custom built exhibition stands that they complete

overshadow anything that the competition may bring against us. Our display must

be so distinctive that it adds to our brand recognition just as much as our

logo does. Further, it must be so innovative that the competition finds it hard

to match it.


tall order? Of course, but nothing worth accomplishing is easy. Yet, as it

turns out, this is easy. Read on, to learn more...

● There

are quite a number of companies designing and constructing exhibition stands,

and they will aid you through every step of the creation process, right from

the drawing board to the ultimate construction of your custom built exhibition

stands, as well as the inclusion of 'extra' features such as a modular design,

or the ability to dismantle the structure into easily shipped parts.

● These

companies will handles the entire process for you – what you bring to the

process is, simply, vision. You need to think of what image you want to

project. Should it be radical? Should it be technologically advanced? Or do you

believe in a grass-roots strategy? You decide the approach.

●    Then

the next step is to select a company that will bring your vision to life. Go

through the portfolio of each company and choose the best.

● Then engage in extensive discussion

with the design team – give the time necessary to putting across your ideas and

vision, and reap the fruits at the next exhibition as your custom built

exhibition stands hold the attention and spark the interests of your customers.