17th December 2009

Why You Should Consider Exhibition Stand Rental

When you are going to attend your first trade show, and you don’t know much about these shows and exhibition stands...

When you are going to attend your first trade show, and you don’t know

much about these shows and exhibition stands, in this condition hiring an exhibition

stand is more beneficial rather than buying one.

The reason for this is that when you have the first time experience you

look around the stands and observe what type of stands are more perfect for

different types of products. You might look into what styles and sizes are

available and which one would be the perfect one for your products or services.

If you choose to buy a stand in your first exhibition it could be a total waste

of money as you might change your mind as to what would be the best stand for

your company after you’ve experienced the show.

If you are on a tight budget and have no money to buy one for yourself,

then exhibition stand rental is a cost effective solution. You can choose among

many stands the one that fits best to your needs and product specifications and

suits to display your product. If it works fine then you might think of buying

next time.

There are many types of exhibition stands; they come in different styles

and shapes. Some of them that might be of an interest to you include:

- folding & modular


- poster & clip frames

- a-frame signboards

- tabletop counters

- pop-up systems

- literature stands

- cable displays

- banner stands

- workstations

- roll-up stands

- podiums

- plinths

The Roll-Up stands are universal and suitable for nearly any kind of

trade show or exhibition. They are an excellent marketing tool with their

graphics and headline. If you have a limited space available in the trade show

then plinths, podiums and workstations can be extremely useful.

Hiring a modular display stands and the ones that can be folded up are a

good choice also. They come in different sizes and shapes. They are portable as

they are light weighted. Modular display ones can be arranged in either a

landscape or a portrait format, whatever suits you best.  

Once you have had enough experience of the trade shows

by renting different types of stands, you learn a lot. It is more economic and

once you have had enough experience then you can think of buying one of your

own custom built exhibition stand.