Why You Should Have Wedding Cancellation Insurance

9th February 2010

Your wedding day is an event you

will always remember and one that you want to go exactly as planned. However,

there are many ways that your special day could end up being a disaster. For

example, what if your soon to be husband fell and broke his leg? You would

probably need to cancel for that day. What if something even bigger happened

like all of your guests got snowed in and stuck where they were and could not

make it to your wedding? These are some reasons you should invest in wedding

cancellation insurance.

In today’s culture a wedding is

often a huge investment with a lot of people spending in range of £20,000. On

top of the cost there are many people involved with a wedding going smoothly.

You have caterers, vendors and florist just to name a few. With so many

different people involved there is always a possibility that something will go

wrong; after all, you cannot control every aspect or keep an eye on every

person. With the major cost of a wedding in today’s culture and the many

uncontrollable aspects it makes since to invest in some type of wedding

cancellation insurance.

The average coverage for a wedding

includes many different aspects for practically any situation that a bride can

imagine. It will usually cover cancellation if a member of the wedding gets

sick or dies. It will also cover if there is a major problem with commercial

transportation, like it shut down because of snow. Many policies will also

cover other issues too like something happening to the venue, (a water pipe

busts maybe), and the vendors not performing their services.

There are some things to keep in mind when you are thinking

about purchasing insurance for your wedding. First you should remember that it

does not just take care of the big day; but, also all the planning you put into

it beforehand. Also, there are many different levels for this coverage just

like with car insurance. You should be sure to review each policy and decide

what best suits your needs. You should also keep in mind that while the

coverage will take care of the rings during and before the big day you will

need to invest in additional insurance for them after the wedding. You should

be sure to find a policy that will cover your honeymoon if your wedding does

get cancelled. Lastly, ask around before you buy. Your acquaintances will

probably know who is a good company to use and you should find one you can


Wedding cancellation insurance is a good investment for a

wedding. This is your day and you want it to be a day of celebration not

disaster. So take the time to look around for a policy that will cover

everything from the planning to the honeymoon. A wedding is a costly investment

and having event cancellation insurance will be something you will be more thankful for in the