17th February 2010

Why you should use a Bespoke Exhibition Stand

If you are browsing the markets for an exhibition stand for your company, you might wonder what a 'bespoke' stand is.

If you are browsing the markets for an exhibition stand for your company, you might wonder what a 'bespoke' stand is. Simply put, a bespoke exhibition stand is a custom built stand that is carefully tailored to suit a customers specifications and needs.

You might wonder why you even need one of these. Especially when there are so many organisations making exhibition stands, who are willing to let you have an average model cheaply. These standard stands combine affordability with ease of use - many of them being extremely modular and easy to assemble, meaning that your employees can probably assemble it without you needing to hire outside labour.

Yet consider just what the real price of investing in a mediocre exhibition stand might be. Because using a stand that looks just like everyone else's, instead of a bespoke exhibition stand, means that you'll probably be overshadowed by competitors who are willing to pay more to catch your mutual customers attention. Remember that at an exhibition or trade show everyone will try to outdo everyone else - as they should, because if one person gains a customer, another person loses one.

One might of course argue that there are other ways besides an exhibition stand to catch your customers attention. The elegant banners that your graphics team put together, for example. Or the attractive leaflets that the same team designed, and that you approved personally. Yes, these things can and will work. But consider that anyone competing with you will probably be using something similar. This makes it obvious that you have to win on every front, not just one. This is why you should use a bespoke exhibition stand - it is crucially important to use something that will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

There are many varieties of stands, obviously, and you'll have to choose the one most suitable to your purpose. If you need something that will catch the eyes of potential customers as they stroll past your stand, a pop-up stand might be best for your purposes. On the other hand, at an extremely crowded event, it might be necessary to have your stand visible from a considerable distance, and to this end, a banner stand may suit you best. And if you have a series of events all across the country that you have to attend, then perhaps a specially designed, flexible and portable bespoke exhibition stand would be best for you – these can be folded away into small components that can be shipped to the next destination and unpacked and set up rapidly, allowing you complete freedom of movement. You can just imagine how much this saves you in costs – rather than have a bulky stand that you have to pay massive charges to have shipped across country, you have this neatly packaged portable construction packed in crates for shipping. Not to mention the alternative – having to have a separate exhibition stand constructed at each event.

And of course there are the stands actually designed from scratch by a professional team – designed to represent some corporate vision or to stand for an absolutely distinctive brand image. These stands can be awe-inspiring in the originality and uniqueness, and perhaps this is the sort of stand for you if your company is an every growing and empire-building conglomerate determined to oust your competition and capture the markets for yourself.

But whatever your company's profile, the wonderful thing about a bespoke exhibition stand is that it can be designed – and redesigned – to fit it perfectly.