Before You Set Up AV Equipment Hire, Consider This

10th December 2009

Before you just call up a rental service for your AV

equipment hire, take the time to make sure that you are getting the best

equipment, at the best possible price. This usually means shopping around, but

it doesn’t have to take a long time and it doesn’t have to be tedious at all.

Follow these guidelines.

  • Find

    out if the event planner has made any special arrangements. Often when

    larger events are being held, the event planner, or the company that is

    hired to plan the event, makes special arrangements for participants with

    certain companies. Often, they have hotel discount, storage discounts,

    transportation discounts, and even equipment rental discounts. Make sure

    that you find out this information first.

  • Find

    out exactly what you need for your AV equipment hire. Check the venue and

    determine exactly what is needed for the event. Do you need audio and

    visual equipment? Do you need PA equipment? Do you need computers? What

    about staging? Consider all of the possibilities, your presentation, your

    space, and your audience.

  • Put

    one person in charge. There really is such as thing as having too many

    chiefs and not enough Indians. When it comes to equipment rentals, you

    need one person running the show. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with

    one big mess. You need one person to know what is needed, and to contact

    the companies that you will be getting your rentals from. This person may

    be you, but if it isn’t, make sure that it is someone who is on top of

    their game.

  • Make

    a detailed list concerning the AV equipment hire that you need. The list

    really does need to be very detailed concerning the equipment that you

    need, because this information will need to be relayed to a sales

    representative, and it is extremely important that they have a full

    understanding of your requirements. In this instance, there is absolutely

    no such thing as too much information. The more detail you can provide,

    the faster the process of selecting and renting equipment will be.

  • Compare

    rental agreements. Now you are ready to start contacting rental companies,

    and of course you will want to compare rental agreements. Rent as much

    equipment from the same company as possible, as this is almost always

    easier to deal with, but if you must rent from multiple companies in an

    effort to save a great deal of money, then do so. Often, when a company

    knows that you can get a better deal elsewhere for the same equipment, and

    they see that you need a great deal of equipment, they will start cutting

    deals with you.

If you follow these guidelines for your AV equipment hire,

you will find that the process runs much smoother. You will end up with the

equipment that you require, without missing any small details, at a price that

you can afford, and your event should run quite well. It takes work to get it

all moving in the right direction, but when your event arrives, you will be

happy that you took the time to make the best decisions possible regarding audio visual hire.