08th June 2010

Your Credit Card Terminal Can Process Mail and Telephone Orders

A credit card terminal is ideal for businesses, which process mail and telephone orders, sole traders as well as freelancers.

A credit card terminal is ideal for businesses, which process mail

and telephone orders, sole traders as well as freelancers. It allows

you to process payments on any device connected to the internet without

the need for any expensive integration or a website. It also enables

your customers to shop more by providing them with the credit card

facility, as many of them who come to your shop or store may only buy

one thing because they don’t have enough cash. It’s a great way of

saving money and time, as you can simply process payments securely

simply by logging in to your merchant extranet.

• A traditional credit card terminal also known as physical terminal

also known as physical terminal has a small display screen, a keypad and

a magnetic stripe reader. It is ergonomically designed for easy use on

the counter, usually used by companies that process mail or telephone

orders without a website, freelancers and sole traders, ranging from

designers to plumbers, that take one-off or quote-based payments or

housing associations for taking payments for rent via their call


• This type of terminal has security core architecture, which ensures

fast and secure processing and offers ideal payment solution for

merchants with limited counter space. Once in you can process

straightaway and each transaction is authorised in real time, that is

within a few seconds by your bank and the money goes straight into your


• With the help of a wireless credit card terminal, you can quite easily

broadcast card data exercising either satellite system or cellular

system. It is mainly used by irregular businesses, including taxi

business, craft show, trade show vendors and much more. It has fast

charge long life battery for up to 200 transactions and offers

flexibility to take payment at table, on the move or on delivery, but

can however be an unnecessary expenditure for those businesses that

don't really need them and are easy to lose as they get carried around

more. It usually comes with the batteries and is shock-resistance as any

terminal that gets carried around is going to be dropped occasionally.

• It is quite ideal for today's demanding retail environment and capable

of processing a large amount of transactions reliably every day. You

can also take advantage of reduced setup costs with the multiple

handsets, which can connect to a single base. Some of them are less

expensive, easier to secure and faster to process than many others.

• Some companies provide members with a completely wireless solution to

process secure credit and debit card transactions without the need or

expense of fixed telephone lines. They have experienced members of staff

to offer support and help. You can purchase your terminals from another

company, if do not like the ones your merchant account provider has to


A credit card terminal provides a significant advantage for many

businesses, as it can help you do transactions with a credit or a debit

and be used with any merchant account.