12th May 2010

Your Special Event Insurance Policy Can Be Tailored To Your Event

If you are planning to organise an exhibition or a trade show for your company's promotion, it is an imperative to get special event insurance.

If you are planning to organise an exhibition or a trade show for

your company's promotion, it is an imperative to get special event

insurance. Getting protected any insurances is an inevitable part of a

business world this day as accidents can occur anytime at any place,

and the first reaction of most people is to call their lawyers. A

lawsuit is the last thing that can possibly benefit any business, that

is why you should everything possible to get protected in advance.


are lots of insurance companies which provide any sort of insurance you

can possibly require. For a special events they can give you an advice

about the best insurance plan, ad you can make a purchase either by

visiting a company, or even online.

You can also get a free

quote for a special event insurance. In general special events include

all sorts of occasions, from parties, dances and weddings to corporate

hospitality events. You are legally liable for all the outcomes of an

accident that takes place in the course of your event: injures, damaged

property, destroyed buildings and so on. That is why it is highly

recommended to get an insurance coverage if you want to be emotionally

secure, relaxed and peaceful. For a small business it might be

extremely difficult to pay off all the medical expenses of the third

party, legal fees and compensation for someone's damaged property. 


is possible to get special event insurance for a single event, multiply

events or even an annual policy in case you are planning to throw

parties and organise trade show on a regular basis throughout a year.


should be very careful while choosing an insurance plan. There are

different options that can be more or less suitable for you depending

on the type of your event and many other factors.

In any case, make sure that your coverage includes such components as:

  • Property

    insurance which covers the place of the event. In many cases it is a

    must: property owners will not give their buildings, lawn and yards for

    rent if you do not get them protected by an insurance coverage.

  • Public

    liability as a part of special event insurance. It covers all possible

    claims that the attendies can make against you in case of an accident.

    The amount depends upon the number of visitors you are planning to have

    at your function. For a large scale event it is highly recommended to

    have this insurance.

  • Cancellation cover that protects you against abandonment or postponement of the event due to some particular reasons.
  • Employer’s

    liability which covers the host of the event or the exhibitor against

    any claims from permanent employees and specially hired personnel.


all these components included you will be protected in all the fronts.

When you are ready to get your special event insurance, make sure you

understand all the terms and conditions of the company. In case they

are acceptable for you make a purchase and feel protected. This

insurance can be bought far in advance, so you have time to choose the

best possible variant.