05th December 2010

Your Twist Banner Stand Can Have LCD and TFT Monitors Built Into It

A twist banner stand is a viable choice for advertising since it enables the businesses to display the products in an efficient manner.

A twist banner stand is a viable choice for advertising since it

enables the businesses to display the products in an efficient manner.

This type of stand can be temporary, periodic, consistent and non-stop

and can be located in any areas where it will most likely be effective.

It can help any business or company to target their consumers in an

efficient manner and will create a favourable impression on many of

them. This would help keep your company, your brand, in front of people

when they are ready to make a decision about making a purchase. This

banner stand can be custom designed to meet your specific display

requirements and branding needs.

  • The twist banner stand

    system can perform all the functions of a display exhibition stand, but

    unlike an ordinary display it can change its shape. It is easier to

    erect than a popup display, and also has a far smaller footprint than a

    popup display. It can also be used like a modular display. You can use

    the same system as a single banner stand or links as many as you like

    to form a large display.

  • Many of its benefits include,

    integrated lighting, double sided, and interchangeable graphic panels,

    simple assembly as well as TFT screen integration. This stand is a

    single product, however, you can add on to this indefinitely to create

    a huge, seamless display of any length you require. By using the Flexi

    link panels, Original Twists and Media Twists, you can create virtually

    any shape you require; a huge advantage over other display stands such

    as roller banners, pop ups and panel systems.

  • The modular,

    flexible and portable banner stand twist banner stand is a unique

    product within the exhibition, trade show, and retail and conference


  • With the original twist banner, you are able to create

    seamless graphic layouts over multiple panels due to its patented

    tensioning system. This not only ensures a taut graphic, perfectly

    aligned graphics and ease of use, it also allows you, the user, to

    create and recreate virtually any stand or display configuration you

    may require.

  • The media twist stand, has been made to allow the

    use of moving image and sound within a traditional banner stand. It is

    an integral and attention grabbing element to any display. It can be

    linked infinitely making it ideal for exhibitions and displays of all

    sizes. You can utilize all or part of the system depending on your

    requirement, proving once again that it is much more special than a

    banner stand.

The twist banner stand looks extremely

attractive and you can enhance its design and look by using your own

unique graphics, logos and banners. It is far more robust,

aesthetically more attractive, and is generally considered a far better

quality product. This banner stand is also cheap, very eye catching

from a distance and has the advantage of low set up costs. It offers

flexibility and portability and is one of the best ways to draw

potential clients or customers towards your business.