19th February 2020

10 Tips to a Successful Exhibition

Exhibitions and Trade Shows are a great way of promoting a business within your industry, be it at the NEC, Excel Arena or venues alike. There are many ways in which businesses choose to promote themselves, but being successful is not always easy. By following our few tips, you can help your business rule the exhibition hall.

     1) The Location: The most important aspect for success. If you’re in the busiest area, you’re more likely to pick up passers-by taking a glance just because they’re nearby. Near an entrance is a good spot because the eager visitors will be itching to get started!

     2) Presentation: The way both you and your stand look is vital to succeeding. Would you be interested in a black and white display? Would a miserable looking man in a drab suit really attract you? We all know that we’re naturally attracted to bright colours, interesting gimmicks and happy people, so be welcoming to the customers.

     3) Flyers: Passers-by love grabbing pieces of paper that they’ve been given, even if they don’t show any further interest, there’s more chance that it will find another recipient at home.

     4) Brochures: If you manage to get the customers really interested, give them a brochure, get them interested in a wider range of products and potentially get more custom through a bright, colourful brochure.

     5) Drinks and Nibbles: These are a massive point scorer! Everybody loves a bit of chocolate or champagne while they’re wandering round the hall. As long as they’re eating your supplies, they’re taking notice of something that surrounds them.

     6) Freebies: Make it known that you’ve got free items. Pens and notebooks are always a hit; after all, we’re always looking for a working pen or a scrap of paper! Also ensure that you’ve got something bigger and better for those customers that are serious about working with you, give them a cool mobile phone holder for their custom. But whatever you do, don’t waste the good gifts on the passers-by, you’re looking to make money, not lose it!

     7) Business Cards: Using business cards will keep you in the customer’s minds… and their wallets! But remember that it isn’t all about giving details; you want to receive them too. Use clever ways to gain new custom, for example a raffle using business cards!

     8) Competition/Gimmicks: Make sure that there’s a prize, some people need an incentive to get involved. Use something that isn’t a product, for example an iPad. The business card raffle is a great example of using a competition in your favour.

     9) Preparation: The key to success is to always be prepared! If you’ve had a stressful morning with a broken banner, you don’t want to carry that into meeting new customers. Make sure that prior to the event; you have a list of basic background answers so that when asked a question, you have something to say to buy yourself thinking time.

     10) The Follow-up: Gaining new custom is your number one priority at Trade Shows, but it only pays off if you make an effort to keep them on board. You’ve collected their details, so phone and email them a week later to ensure that you’re in their minds. Otherwise, you’ve just wasted all of your work on finding new customers, for nothing. Following these steps may be easier said than done. For example, your stand location isn’t necessarily your choice and everybody wants the busiest and best spot. But, however loosely you follow these tips, you’re sure to notice a difference in your presence at an exhibition.

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