15th August 2018

1st Awesome 6 months at Concept Furniture

What a great 6 months! Concept Furniture team, has officially done first half of the year and they’ve completed some really successful shows, London Book Fair, London Calling, Infosec, Bellavita and Rail Live to name a few. Theresa May and the heads of the Commonwealth used their furniture for their 2018 meeting – thanks to Prime Minister!

The team enjoyed keeping in touch with a few and new familiar faces across networking events, ESSA AGM at the Magic Circle – that magic, since then they’ve not been seen because they’ve been busy. The Reed Regatta was also a highlight for them too on the rib boats around the Isle of White. Also, the ESSA gold day – In the Rough, which we all had a fantastic time at! Some fab events they’ve been to

Concept team are in the process of having a rebrand too, you may have seen their new uniforms, website or the new shiny trucks everywhere. Just keep an eye for more exciting changes. They are also pushing their Twitter page more to give everyone up to date info of where they’re delivering to or what’s been happening behind closed doors, or simply follow them on twitter @FurnitureHireCF to keep updated with the latest goss!

Concept Furniture team is so thankful for everyone that works for/with them, without the help of everyone it wouldn’t have been possible. Here’s to another cracking quarter!


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