16th March 2017

4 Reasons Exhibitions are Great for your Business

4 Reasons Exhibitions are Great for your Business
In a digital world where your business online takes priority, traditional business exhibitions are slowly dying out right? No chance! In fact, the exhibition business is growing more than ever before. The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research has predicted the industry will hit a new peak in the coming years; growing by 2.7% In 2017 and 3% in 2018 – clearly this is not a shrinking industry!


Effective exhibitions are a vital part of your marketing campaigns. Much more than a meet and greet for potential customers, it’s a chance for everyone to get to know your business, products and team. Marta Gorka from Skyline whitespace, a UK leading supplier of interactive exhibitions stands, knows what expos can mean for your business. Here’s why your business should always take exhibitions seriously…

1. Give your business a personality

Exhibitions mean one thing for your business…There’s nowhere to hide and that’s a good thing! You can no longer shy away from public interaction behind your website or sales figures, it’s time to show off the personality of your business. Exhibitions are an essential part of building your reputation and growing your brand. While hundreds of organisations attending expos, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd and show what makes your company unique.

Make sure you design a stand that’s interactive and unique but still matches your branding. Your stand should make a statement and look eye-catching and approachable (freebies help too). The exhibition stand you design should shout about who your company is straight away and emphasise the unique benefits or products your business has to offer.

2. Sell your products directly

Taking your business to an exhibition gives you a prime chance to sell, sell, sell! Rather than purchasing online or through a catalogue, take products to your expo and potential customers can try before they buy. It’s also a great opportunity for your product experts to demonstrate how your products work and show off unique features that can’t be shown online as effectively.

It goes without saying that you need the staff too. Be sure to select your most charismatic employees to attend your exhibition, they will communicate your products with passion and are usually unfazed by enquiries. Nothing can form stronger relationships and trust with potential customers, than a warm handshake and an informal chat. Remember, people buy from people, so your exhibition is a great way to drive sales and leads. You could encourage your staff to close deals on the spot or set up appointments while the iron is hot too.

3. Is your business working?

Trade shows and exhibitions are a perfect way to discover what direction your industry is going in, what’s working and what’s not. Talk to customers and ask for feedback on your company and products and be sure to record all your learnings too. You could even record customer testimonials, good and bad, to share with the wider company when you return.

You are also now in the prime seat to conduct competitor research. Put on your best disguise and take a walk around other stands that specialise in your industry. Pay special attention to the stands that are attracting the biggest crowds – what are they doing that you aren’t? Take note of prices and compare them with your own to make sure you’re still competitive and relevant.  You might even get some insider knowledge of future launches and what direction your competitors are going in.

4. Get ready for the launch

Exhibitions don’t have to be random promotional events, use them as a platform to launch your latest product or service. Look at your campaign calendar and product launches and try to associate new products with an exhibition. If you combine online and offline campaigns with a launch at an exhibition, you can create a massive impact. Hand out free samples and advertise special discounted offers for your new products too. You can even invite the media to your launch event and get as much exposure and coverage as possible for your business.

Some more top tips for your exhibition

Choose wisely

Take a glance over the exhibition calendar locally and nationally. Find an exhibition that will have the most relevance for your business – it will save you time and money!

Place yourself

If you can, avoid placing your stand in the centre of a hall, these areas get congested. Also, avoid areas near the entrance as people tend to walk straight past the first exhibition they see on entering.

The competition

Ask the organiser for a list of confirmed exhibitors (most events also make the list available online) and check out your competition and floor neighbours.

Follow up

Having a list of interested customers is great but make sure you follow up with them soon while your business is fresh in their memory.


Exhibitions can only benefit your business

Business expos are far from an irrelevant marketing technique.  They are a chance to showcase what your organisation is all about, generate new sales and leads and even sell your products directly. Of course, it depends on your business whether an exhibition is worthwhile or not. However, incorporating an expo, into your overall marketing campaign for the year, could be hugely beneficial. 


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