25th September 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Freedom2Hire™ for Your Next Exhibition Stand

Use Freedom2Hire™
Your next exhibition date is quickly arriving. But, before you commit to who will be designing and
building your exhibition stand, you’ll want to suss out who is the most cost-effective option that’s
going to give you a peaceful night sleep leading up to your big day. At Quadrant2Design we
understand that and we appreciate the enormous energy that goes into preparing for exhibitions. So,
in a bid to make our client’s working lives a touch easier, we created Freedom2Hire.
What is Freedom2Hire? Quite simply, Freedom2Hire means that you’ll pay zero to hire the crux of
your exhibition stand, you’ll just pay for your exhibition stand graphics and for the installation and
dismantling process.
Sound good? Here’s the why:
1. Flexibility - You can use the hire service for your entire exhibiting programme. In fact, 70%
of our clients do just that! Our exclusive Prestige Events System is modular and reusable,
which means that they’re easily reconfigured in any space over a complete events calendar.
2. $ $ $ $ –  It’s important to diminish budgets wherever you can and continue to prove ROI for
your attendance to exhibitions. The core of Freedom2Hire is absolutely no cost for hiring the
hardware itself, or for the storage of your graphics. The money saved can be utilised
elsewhere for the promotion of the event, whether that’s brochures or a paid social media
3. Go Travelling! – Freedom2Hire is ideal if you attend lots of exhibitions, events, and
conferences. You can use this hire service for shows across the UK and in Western Europe.
4. Stay Professional – Building the right team is vital for any business, but especially in
exhibitions and events. We pride ourselves on our people, and you’ll benefit from that, too!
You’ll receive professional installation and Project Management.
5. No Need to Sign on the Bottom Line! – Freedom2Hire doesn’t come with any long-term
commitments or contracts.
For all these reasons, our exhibition stand hire service is incredibly popular with our clients, including
Mercedes Benz, Bank of England, and hundreds of SME sized companies. And, they all began with a
free design proposal, featuring your branding, images and colours!
Give us a few details, and we’ll get working on your free personalised design visuals. Head to

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