29th August 2019

Apex launches Lumentium UK demo experience

Something genuinely different has come to the UK events market. 


Apex - one of the UK’s leading event and exhibition agencies - is now accepting pre-bookings for its

Lumentium UK showroom. Launching in September, the Lumentium show is a stunning visual

experience that combines world travel, fine food and state of the art CGI table mapping. 


Demonstrations will showcase how this technology can be used to create multi-sensory events that

allow guests to visit famous cities and tropical islands, with tables that become a window into an

immersive world. Guests can also experience spacewalks, sharks swimming, exotic butterflies,

roulette wheels and dynamic roller coasters, all without leaving their seat.  


Alongside the Lumentium visual experience, guests will sample cuisine from the places they visit,

with each destination guided by a travel host from the main stage.


Lumentium was created by a team in Madrid. The team has secured worldwide patents on its

TableMapping technology. Apex has worked closely with the developers and has recently signed an

exclusive agreement to deliver Lumentium across the UK and northern Europe.


Commenting on what people can expect when they visit the Lumentium UK showroom, Apex Event

Director Paul Ashford said: “Using patented TableMapping technology, the Lumentium show

provides everything you need in a world-class event - entertainment, top-class dining, atmosphere

and visual delights that will be talked about long after the event ends.


“If clients are looking for the elusive wow factor and something genuinely different to deliver to an

important audience, Lumentium is the ultimate feast for the senses.”


All demos will take place in a new custom-built UK facility. To find out more about Lumentium, and

experience this extraordinary technology first-hand, book a live demonstration at lumentium.co.uk.


Demos are strictly by appointment only.


Nike Kevin Durant