11th May 2010

Audiovisual Service: Get your Solution Online

Audiovisual Service provides customers the required services, technology and everything you need to meet your presentations, trade shows, exhibitions and conference requirements.

Audiovisual Service provides customers the

required services, technology and everything you need to meet your

presentations, trade shows, exhibitions and conference requirements. You will

find organising your marketing campaigns, product launches difficult without a

competent service provider such as this.

The majority of these rental companies are

“big-time” suppliers – maintaining their equipment in very large warehouses.

They are dedicated to provide in-house and outdoor event services to the entire

corporate sector, including private functions. These companies are very

effective in delivering solutions to their customers. They are renowned in

supporting you with pre-production planning, consultation, state-of-the-art

equipment rental, design and installation etc. until the successful completion

of your event. Most of these companies are capable of handling from the

simplest presentation to the most complex staging events.

This all-important Audiovisual Service is

available right at your home/office – only at the press of a button. You can

browse the Internet and visit the many sites that provide these rentals and

select the most convenient and appropriate web store that will provide the

services you need.

Given below are some details of commonly

required AV equipment:



Data equipment includes a very wide range.

The equipment you hire should depend on the size of your audience, the size of

your venue, the availability of light in the room, resolutions etc. If you plan

to use your own computer, the hired equipment should be compatible to this

machine. Data equipment of an Audiovisual Service can include:

  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • Switchers
  • Scan converters
  • Distribution Amps
  • And much more



Audio Equipment mainly features sound

systems ranging from portable battery operated systems to larger outdoor

systems which accommodates very large crowds. When hiring audio equipment you

need to always consider the size of the audience, whether it is an indoor or

outdoor event and a few other details. Based on this information the rental

company will suggest the best system for you. Audio Equipment includes:

  • Wired microphones
  • Wireless microphones
  • Loudspeakers
  • Powered speakers
  • Mixers
  • Amplifiers/powered mixers
  • Miscellaneous audio 



Projection equipment is another vital part

of an Audiovisual Service. You can rent out projectors and screens for large

and small events. Here again you need to have your basic details on the concept

of your event. This equipment includes:

  • Overhead and opaque projectors
  • Multi-image equipment
  • 35mm projectors and accessories
  • 35mm lenses
  • Projection screens


Your requirement strongly depends on the

theme and style of your event. Staging equipment includes:

  • Drapery
  • Stage lighting equipment
  • Projectors
  • Audio
  • Video



The video equipment you require also will

depend on the size of your audience. Video projectors are available for larger

groups and monitors/flat panels are more ideal for smaller groups. Video

equipment is also an important component of an Audiovisual Service, and it


  • Video cameras
  • Video projectors
  • Record/playback decks
  • Projection monitors
  • Plasma displays
  • Miscellaneous video

Using modern technology for marketing helps

you to get your brand name into the market more effectively. The use of audio

visual equipment is one such method that consumer companies can use for all

marketing and promotional campaigns. A brand name that is most known in the

consumer world will generate the most income. Get the best audio visual

solution for your product online.