19th May 2010

Banner Stands Come In Several Different Types

High quality banner stands can help you reach out to a large proportion of the market in a short space of time.

High quality banner stands can help you reach out to a large

proportion of the market in a short space of time. They can play a key

role to create a new image for your company or promote a new product

and make your company known or just to improve your business.

Exhibitions are highly flexible environment in which a wide range of

sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales

leads and launching new products, to building brand image, maintaining

customer relations and appointing new agents. These stands are an

influential, flexible and highly cost-effective business tool – as well

as being significant wealth generators in their own way. In established

economies these tools are a vital part of the marketing mix, alongside

direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the Internet.

• Tension banner stands are used with telescopic poles or fiber pole to

create tension.  The main benefits of these stands are that they are

lighter than some of the other stands and some can be linked.  Magnetic

tape can be added to create seamless display.  They are very flexible

as additional replacement graphics can be changed easily. They are a

mobile and a very convenient way of advertising. In terms of budget,

they are relatively cheap for such a good investment. People will

notice the quality of your stand and if it is designed properly it will

attract your target audience. The colours that are used are very bright

and so they create a very strong impact on customers.

• These stands are suitable for a range of environments, from retail

point of sale to exhibition displays. They are easily interchangeable

and do not require any assembly tools. They are strong but still

lightweight. The benefits of these stands means you can order many

different cassettes and change your graphics at will.

• Roller or retractable banner stands work using a tensioned roller

system which retracts the banner into the actual banner stand base. 

Their proven reliability makes them a popular choice. You can pull up

the graphic easily and when down the graphic is protected.  They are

perfectly suited to sales teams on the move, as well as to

point-of-sale and event communications and usually available in various

types, styles and designs so you can improve your image in the market.

• These stands are quite easy to set up and you can easily make use of

the same banner stands for more than one event on the same day.

• You can easily display posters, graphics and signs which will help you to impart information about your business.

These stands will enable your business to create that corporate image

you are looking for, getting your products right in front of potential

customers and helping to improve your retail sales. Whether you are

looking to raise your company profile, change market perceptions or

generate sales leads, you can achieve more in four days with banner

stands at an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months.