26th April 2017

Brexit expert, Amelia Bishop, to speak at The Business Show in Excel, London

Amelia Bishop, a serial entrepreneur and business consultant based in Swindon, is to give a speech on ‘How to be Brexit ready’ at The Business Show 2017 in London.

Talking trade deals, migrant workers, outsourcing, offshoring, law and exchange rates, Amelia will take centre stage of the Cash Flow Theatre 19 on Wednesday 17th May (13:15-13:45) at  ExCel. Her key message will be on how businesses must learn to operate throughout uncertainty in the years ahead.

The annual event attracts 25,000 businesses, multi-millionaire investors and quality speakers. Free tickets are available for the show, on both the 17th and 18th of May, at:https://www.eventdata.co.uk/Forms/Default.aspx?FormRef=BUS57Visitor 

“There are so many reasons”, said Amelia, “why Brexit is going to be challenging for business. But whenever things change in life we all have to adapt and some are better at that than others. It’s like technology, there are early-adopters and late starters. With Brexit, now is the time to be the early bird and understand how you could react fastest.”

Amelia consults small to medium businesses and is the Director of Weenie Business Solutions in Swindon. She also co-hosts Mind Your Own Business on the town’s local community radio station — Swindon 105.5 — every Monday at 6pm

Weenie Business Solutions will be exhibiting at The Business Show this year for the very first time (stand 3152). Amelia’s team will be promoting the company’s services and offering a special deal on the cloud-based accountancy software, Sage One Start. 

As a partner of Sage — a global leader in accounting software — Weenie Business Solutions is providing 12 months free subscription of Sage One Start to the first 100 clients who buy their Level 1 Business Self-Assessment or Tax Return Service, each priced at £120 (including VAT).

Sage software, which can help business owners manage their finances on their mobiles by viewing company accounts, receipts, profits and expenses on a simple dashboard, is a fundamental tool for rapidly-changing business circumstances. 

Amelia will be available throughout the event to talk about her Business MOT, Brexit Advice and Finance Solutions services, drawing on her experience as an owner of multiple successful businesses.

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