24th February 2010

Chair Slip Covers and Great Tips for Choosing Them

Here are some good tips for choosing new chair slip covers.

Here are some good tips for choosing new chair slip covers. These tips include choosing the right material and the best colour for your needs and design ideas. We hope that you find these tips helpful for choosing your new slipcovers.

Choosing the Material
When it comes to the cover’s material, you can choose between synthetic and natural fabric, and the combination thereof. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks, which we will discuss below.

Stretchy synthetic fabrics, such as polyester with spandex, will fit snugly even on the hardest to fit furniture. The more spandex in the material, the more elastic it will be. The covers made of such materials are easy to put on any shaped furniture, including the oddest shaped items. Such chair slip covers typically have elastic-fit bottoms that help them to stay in place. They don't hang loose and don’t look messy. They provide a very sleek look. Synthetic fabrics are easy to clean up after pets (cats, dogs). The fabric is soft and wrinkle free.

Natural fabrics, such as pure cotton are easier to care for than synthetics. They also are more durable, so they can be used in homes with kids and pets. Such covers typically have ties (or Velcro tabs) and draping skirts. Natural fabrics also are harsher and more prone to wrinkling. They may need to be ironed after washing. They may also not fit as well as synthetics. Cotton fabric chair slip covers tend to shift, requiring re-tucking once in a while. Another option is cotton with polyester, which makes cotton covers fit better.

Choosing Colours and Patterns
Present-day covers are rich in colour and pattern choices. The colours include deep blue, vibrant burgundy, bold black, chocolate, neutral taupe, tan, and flax. Which colour should you choose? There probably are two main options: go with a furniture matching colour or a contrasting colour. If you have a neutral design, then a bold colour will probably be nice. If you have a rich colour scheme at home, it’s probably best to match its colour. You can choose solid (suede look) or patterned (leaf patterns, floral prints) covers.

General Tips
Prior to purchasing chair slip covers, check your chairs’ width (24'', 43'', etc.) to ensure a good fit. If your old piece of furniture has colourful original upholstery, make sure to choose dense material that would hide it well. Ensure that the material is machine washable. It may be harder to find what you need in a local store, so consider browsing online as well.

Using chair covers, any worn chair may start to look like new furniture, and make a new tasteful statement. You can give a fresh look to any room within 10-15 minutes. The outcome will be a number of neat and stylish matching pieces of furniture. Do you like change or simply need new chairs? Before you purchase a new chair or use expensive professional recovering, consider looking into chair slip covers. Their affordable price allows having a new colour scheme in the rooms every season. They allow buying cheap old chairs in good shape and making them look new. They allow updating porch furniture the affordable and easy way.