09th January 2023

Creative space platform gains investment cash injection

Tutti has taken its community ethos to the next level by securing a funding round totalling more than £300k and growing.

The company aims to reduce the number of touchpoints and time between a host and artists making a booking. There are more than 4,000 creators and 1,500 listings on Tutti, which was founded in 2018 by CEO Gabriel Isserlis, who previously worked in the film, music and photography sectors.

He discovered that there wasn’t a single place for venue owners to manage enquiries from every different website, so they were  often relying on their own manual and quickly outdated spreadsheets and comments: “I could see first hand the struggles that hosts were having with their own booking system - it was time consuming, mistakes were made and hosts were spending hours managing the process instead of doing what they do best - handling the human aspect of their business.

“Our powerful software enables booking management to be done in minutes, with effortless enquiries, negotiation and simple, secure online payments. The new funding will largely power greater investment into the platform, add additional features, make key hires and expand Tutti. 

He adds: “We listened to the pain points of event space owners, and it was clear that an alternative booking solution, that is easy to use and understand, transparent, and offers competitive prices with no hidden costs was required.

“Ultimately, Tutti provides just this. A quick and transparent solution to owners, so they can continue to focus on what they do best: creating great spaces for creativity to continue to flourish.”