15th December 2009

Custom Designing a Large Cork Board

You can purchase a large cork board, without special considerations, but because these boards are quite large, you might want a greater level of customisation. When you speak with a sales representative, there is a great deal of information that they will require from you in order to process your order in the right way. Here is the basic information that you will be required to have. 

● Choose a Colour – You may think that you are limited to plain, tan coloured boards, but you aren’t. This is true even if you are purchasing a smaller board, instead of a large board. There are very few limits in terms of the colours that you desire, and you can even mix colours as well for an even better visual effect, with the use of tiles.

● Choose the Width and Length for Your Large Cork board – Many people don’t realize that you can actually custom order these boards, and you can order them in any size or length that you prefer. This usually means that you will need to speak directly with a sales representative so that you can relay your custom measurements and get the pricing for what you need, however. 

● Choose a Hanging Option – Obviously, larger boards can be quite heavy, so you must carefully consider your hanging options – first determining whether your board will be mounted or un-mounted, and second determining whether you will use brackets and screws or adhesive mounting options. Because of the increased weight, however, brackets and screws will most likely be the preferred hanging option. 

● Choose a Frame for Your Large Cork Board – Just because the board is large, this does not mean that you don’t have the same framing options available for smaller boards. You can use timber or aluminium frames, or smooth edge frames, as you desire. However, because the board is larger, you will of course have to pay more for the framing as well.

● Choose Your Shape – You are not limited to plain squares or rectangles for your board. You can choose just about any shape that you desire. You will just need to make sure that the company that you choose to work with is capable of cutting your desired shape. In most cases, they are equipped to do this, if they are a quality company. Small companies, however, usually aren’t able to handle special cutting requirements such as this because they do not have the appropriate equipment.

If you have this information available when you get ready to place your order for your large cork board, you will find that the ordering process is quick and simple. Note, however, that the more customisation that is required for your order, the longer it will normally take to fulfil your order – although this is typically based on how many orders there are to fill ahead of yours. Some companies, however, do have rush options available, so you might be able to pay a little extra to get your board created and delivered faster, if this is required.