05th May 2009

Exhibition stand must be "imaginative and memorable"

Consumers are looking for an effective and imaginative exhibition stand that is memorable, according to an expert.Etienn. . .

<p>Consumers are looking for an effective and imaginative <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/exhibition_stands/suppliers" target="self">exhibition stand</a> that is memorable, according to an expert.</p><p>Etienne Erasmus, director at Rain Productions, tells BizCommunity.com that <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/exhibition_stands/suppliers" target="self">exhibition stand</a> design has moved on from traditional creations, which tended to be carbon copies of one another, with simple branding.</p><p>"Your stand needs to be eye-catching to entice the visitors, playing on their curiosity and driving them to your stand to find out what you''''re about," he asserts.</p><p>Mr Erasmus suggests that exhibitors are beginning to realise that consumers are both knowledgeable and empowered, meaning that an <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/exhibition_stand_designer/suppliers" target="self">exhibition stand designer </a>must come up with a creative solution to attract discerning clients, according to the news provider.</p><p>He adds that practicality is also essential so that the space is inviting, making people feel comfortable with approaching <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/showcases/suppliers" target="self">showcases</a>.</p><p>Peter Jackson, managing director of eventwise and a board member of industry body Eventia, recently said that events must have a "real impact" on a client''''s business.</p><p><img alt="ADNFCR-1753-ID-19153426-ADNFCR" src="http://feeds.directnews.co.uk/feedtrack/justcopyright.gif?feedid=1753&it..." /></p>