29th January 2020

Going Paperless: Why Sustainability at Events Is No Longer a ‘Nice-To-Have’

As the world focuses on reducing plastic waste and news stories seemingly pop up on a weekly basis event organisers to consider the lasting impact their events may have on the environment around them. Venues all over are taking steps to lessen their carbon footprint; and of course, the waste they’d have to clear up at the end of it. Yet we believe there’s something being all too frequently overlooked in this renewed spotlight on sustainability – and it’s often critical to lead capture!

Even in the age of digital marketing, the humble business card is still lauded as the most popular way to quickly exchange details, not to mention the fact that they’re often left on exhibition stalls alongside leaflets, brochures and other paper materials. Minimal effort is required and basic admin tasks can be taken later on to ensure leads are properly captured.

With so many different types of business card, leaflet and brochure available, looking ever more creative, they’re actually often non-recyclable, despite popular misconception. Even when they appear to be made from standard paper, there are can be toxic inks and paints as well as foils and plastics on the surface. Chucking them into the recycling bin isn’t always an option, but it tends to happen without a second thought.

In the UK, over 12.5million tonnes of paper is used every year – that’s the equivalent of a forest the size of Wales! Yet only around 80% of the paper used is recycled. Whilst most councils do have adequate paper recycling facilities widely available, less paper use is still better than excessive, and, as mentioned, not all of it can be recycled anyhow.

This all said, it’s 2019. Event technology has moved on from tiny cards and magazine-style brochures, and those looking to organise notable, memorable and most importantly, environmentally ethical, events should be looking to implement paperless policies: and instead offer exhibitors and attendees a new option. Event organisers can now look to lead by example in their sector.

yellobox is a portable and rechargeable device that can capture attendee data and register interest for marketing and lead purposes. Event attendees are able to pass on their info to those they choose by tapping a yellow card against this device. This allows conferences and exhibitions to be entirely paperless – negating the need for recycling and clean-up afterward, as well as saving those present in printing costs and extra goods to carry about and set-up with! No app or download is required,real-time event analytics can be captured and monitored, and a social media style feed can be followed by attendees to help gamify and enhance their overall event experience.

Using event technology to lessen the environmental impact of large events need not be complicated or expensive. yellobox’s integrated function with form gives fantastic added value to organisers,exhibitors, speakers and attendees alike… and that’s before we consider the effects on trees!


Nike Benassi Slide