30th August 2007

I would like to see…

Exhibition time is coming up again! Here is a repeat of a top tips column we ran a few months back with helpful feedback on what to include in your exhibition.

1) Better signage to the venue. Some venues are easy to find because the signs take you from the motorway right to the front door of the hall. In most cases, however, the signage is pretty poor and people spend too much time looking for the car park and then the venue.

2) Free parking. You’ve spent money travelling to the show, you’re possibly going to spend money in the future with exhibitors, why should you pay for parking?

3) Registration. It often works well but there are sometimes issues that prevent easy access to the show. Particularly annoying when you’ve taken the trouble to register in advance and the ticket hasn’t arrived or your details aren’t on the system.

4) Better signage in the venue. Although most shows use a very logical grid system, it’s often annoying when stand numbers are either so tiny that they can’t be easily seen, or they are non-existent, especially in the case of space only stands.

5) Relevant content. Seminars are a useful addition to the show’s offer but some visitors think that their focus isn’t always totally useful. A minor point in some ways but a reminder, nevertheless, for organisers to remain clear about what they’re doing.

6) Soundproof seminars. Once in the seminar theatre it is always dispiriting to be interrupted by drums or musicians playing just along the aisle. It’s a shame to miss half of what the speakers are saying.

7) Exhibitor training. Believe it or not, visitors notice when exhibitors seem keen or otherwise to see them. It’s the oldest problem in the book but organisers have to keep on at their exhibitors not to sit on the stand talking on the phone or eating sandwiches.

8) Clean toilets. Many people are alarmed to see the state that the toilets at most venues are in by the end of the day.

9) Food. Although people accept that catering companies have to make enough money to cover the rent, concern is still voiced about how much something simple like a cup of tea or coffee costs compared to outside the hall

10) Incentivised travel. Is there any possibility of organisers and/or venues doing deals with transport companies? It happens in some places abroad but isn’t something that is a regular feature of UK exhibitions.

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