21st April 2020

ICE Join Global Creative Community to Discuss ‘Good’ Business

Later this year, The ICE community will be joining leaders and creatives as it brings together a contingent of its members and its partners to attend the Good Business Festival on 6th-8th October 2020 in Liverpool.

The festival  seeks to address the changing attitudes in global business towards more sustainable practices. The event itself is emblematic of a wider ‘planet before profit’ movement happening across the business community, and the content at the festival reflects this move towards ‘good’ business.

ICE is keen to be part of this conversation and will represent the corporate events sector as a key mouthpiece of many business’s activities in these areas. “Many people, from environmentalists to business leaders, are drawing on the metaphor between what Corvid-19 is doing to our society and what our society has been doing to the planet for some time,” continues Anita. “At ICE we’re predicting that the global sustainability movement will once again jump a gear on the other side of this crisis and is set to dominate the corporate agenda for at least another 12 months.”

Last month ICE announced a series of initiatives to look at what the events industry could look like post-Covid-19, its alignment with the Good Business Festival is just one of a number of activities to come that will look to answer this question.