15th January 2018

International Confex launches Confex Future Focus in Manchester

International Confex launches Confex Future Focus in Manchester

On 4-5 July 2018 International Confex announced the launching of Confex Future Focus that will take place at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.

Event Director Simon Farnfield explained the rationale behind the launch. “The north, and north west of England in particular, is a hugely vibrant and innovative hub of the UK events industry where both corporates and agencies are producing ground-breaking and spectacular events across the globe. Event planners are undoubtedly time impoverished and those outside the south east struggle to allocate two days out of their schedules to attend International Confex in London, but moreover, why should they have to?

“Confex Future Focus will deliver the same inspirational content as International Confex, and while this is a platform for venues to engage with event planners of all denominations, it’s also an amazing opportunity to tap into Manchester’s scientific heritage and showcase the latest innovation and tech that underpins the successful delivery of impactful events

“We’re excited to be launching at Victoria Warehouse which fully encapsulates the values of Confex Future Focus with its marriage of heritage and mission to be the UK’s most creatively ambitious event space”.

To become part of Confex Future Focus 2018, contact Simon Farnfield, sfarnfield@mashmedia.net or call on 0208 481 1122

Nike Roshe