24th May 2010

Kiosk Stands Can Have TFT Screens Or Monitors Built In To Them

With the help of kiosk stands, you are able to expand your product assortment while maintaining or reducing inventory costs, offering additional products not on shelves.

With the help of kiosk stands, you are able to expand your product

assortment while maintaining or reducing inventory costs, offering

additional products not on shelves. One of the most exciting things

about kiosks, aside from their versatility, is their design potential.

They can be almost anything, from a simple screen on a desk to a

chambered nautilus. These stands allow an innovative way for customers

to get the information they need through two-way video communications

with an inbound contact center representative. This would equip the

representative with immediate access to information that not only

allows them to respond to customer questions, but also enables the

agent to provide product recommendations, up-sell, or inform the

customer about promotions and specials.  You can also have the option

of integrating interactive self-service system to your service and lead

your marketing from the front.

• Most kiosk stands are completely modular and a whole range of units

can be built to your specification. The aluminium frames can be

free-standing, wall mounted or cable hung and the systems can include

graphics, plasma screens, touch screens, TFT screens, PC screens and

shelving units.

• The designs usually combine the elegant, slim anodised aluminium

profiles as part of the graphic display with your touch screen,

multimedia display technology. Utilising the minimum of square footage

retail kiosks is ideal for locations with people, shopping centres,

railway and bus stations airports and office blocks. If you have the

space then these stands are the way forward to turn that space into a

profit making opportunity.

• Some kiosk stands also comes with slim line PC lockable drawer

incorporated in the unit base, literature dispenser and heavy duty

castors, making the job of moving from one room to the other

effortless. Cable management are designed into the product , hiding all

those annoying cables by allowing the cable to run through the pillars

so the stand looks and feels just great.

• The system gives users a toolbox of kits, assemblies and components

from which to fulfill a display solution that fits the brief. The

simple slide and lock principles of the system give the user the option

to combine graphics, shelving, literature holders, lighting and

audiovisual technology.

• Self-service kiosks have become a standard for service delivery in

many industries and can provide your customers with a choice of how and

when to receive assistance. Most of these products are ideal for retail

environments, exhibitions and corporate application and incorporate

graphics to help you maximise the impact of your display.

The retail consumers, these days, regardless of their age, are

increasingly embracing all new forms of technology in their daily

lives. You need every tool to put your offering clearly to your

potential buyers, using not only the product or service idea, but often

supported by information to help them choose. These kiosk stands can

improve the quality of the service you provide while reducing your

labour costs and also provide your customers with information, take

orders and payment, and even arrange delivery of products.