17th November 2017

Pac Wristbands to sell High-Tech Radio Frequency Identification Wristbands

Pac Wristbands will now be selling radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags in their silicone and fabric wristbands in order to provide secure, paperless and cashless products for their clients. The company believe the addition of the high-tech tags, which store and transmit information about its subject via radio waves, will provide event organisers with a secure product as well as allowing customers quick entry to events, and cashless purchases of event beverages and merchandise; saving time, money and ATM charges.

The wristband supplier, who provide wristband products to the BBC and Sky, as well as to many UK festivals and major outdoor events, are aware of the importance of customer convenience as well as safety and aim to continue to provide their clients with the latest innovations and technology.

The idea of this new technology is to propose a higher level of controlled management to the purpose of wristband access areas and at the same time improve customer accessibility to the entirety of the event without the disadvantages. Event goers will not be subjected to long queue times at entry points, food and beverage outlets, and merchandise stalls, as RFID tags, much like MIFARE contactless smart cards, can be scanned to make purchases thus avoiding time- consuming cash exchanges or expensive ATM charges.

RFID wristbands have until recently been sort after for large venue events, such as festivals and concerts, which feature a vast audience. However, Pac Wristbands’ have found a market in running bands, with Pac’s Managing Director, Steven Johnstone explaining, ‘Attaching RFID to most wristband products is more straightforward then it has ever been and is becoming more affordable for even smaller events.’

The RFID tag, which can be either inserted within a silicone band or attached as a plate in fabric bands, is an evolvement of the barcode and much like its predecessor, RFID tags contain data relating to the object sporting it. However, while barcodes solely store information relating to the event, and are therefore identical on multiple wristbands at the event, the RFID tag stores specific information relating to the wearer of the wristband as well as the event being held, thus making every tag unique and a far superior safety measure when hosting an event, as it prevents copycat artists and ensures customer safety is prominent.

Pac Wristbands will be offering RFID wristbands via their website (www.wristbands.co.uk) and their sales office team to existing and future clients.